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How's the snow holding up? I expect hard pack in am and soft by 10:30 - 11. Then too soft by 2pm. Any trails holding up better then others? Going up 3/27 until 4/01.
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you can go out around 9:30-10 if the sun is out. For the most part, its holding up just fine, I think you are going to see some new stuff this week! 3 o'clock has some bare patches and most exposed rocks are marked pretty well. Buddy's run, Flying Z and all groomers over on Sundown side are in good shape. Morningside trees were great last week. Its true spring conditions. FWIW- go to "edge Works" in the Gondola Square and have them put on a hot wax for warm conditions. They did a great job and it really helped with sticky snow in the PM. Around 2, the snow will get a bit slushy on some runs, especially on the lower sections.
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Thanks Finndog. How is Pony Express lift holding up? I like flying Z Gulch, The Ridge, Typhoon and Morning Side tress. Looking forward to a nice few days of spring skiing. bd
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nice snow the last two days. fresh tracks all afternoon on 3/28 and more on 3/29. Somewhat surprising as the temp was 62 degrees at 5 pm on 3/27, but my birthday low pressure system moved in for my annual present from mother nature. Triangle three and bar ue lift line were sweet. Looks sunny today. Time to go back out and ski.
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