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Any PSIA Cert. Telemark Instructors?!?

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just curious if there are any PSIA certified telemark instructors here?

currently have my level 100 USSA cert for Alpine skiing and racing. i am just finishing up a season of coaching 9-11 year olds on our local mountain's ski team.

for next season i have been given a choice of heading a group of slightly more advanced / more motivated alpine kids.... or working with another coach with our mountain's tele team (one of 3 junior telemark programs in the country). obviously i also tele but don't have as an extensive the background i do from alpine skiing (ski racing academy in VT for 6 years, NCAA Div 1 racing, coaching at college ski racing level etc.)

for next year, i had been considering getting my level 2 for USSA and perhaps going for my PSIA level 1 for Alpine skiing. i still might do the PSIA level 1 for alpine skiing.... but i am thinking i should *really* go for my PSIA level 1 for telemark skiing. i am guessing i could really use the training for techniques, methodology etc. for telemark skiing...

the other telemark coach and i are going to talk more about things, but i know he seems pretty psyched for me to join him next year. i also know i'll be able to learn a lot from him... and i think teaching the telemark turn as a coach/instructor would be exciting and motivating for me personally. prior to last year, i had hung up my alpine gear for 5 years while i pushed my limits telemark skiing... so it would be exciting to pass on my enthusiasm, knowledge of the sport to some kids.

anyhoo.... just wondering if there were any PSIA tele folks out there and if there were any tips, pointers, or other factors to think about in becoming certified etc. i guess i'll be spending a lot of my summer doing one legged lunges....

oh btw, today i skied with my alpine kids on my tele gear.... and it is definitely tricky doing one-ski drills on my tele skis.
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I recently attended a level one exam clinic and the focus was primarily on teaching beginners through intermediate telemark skiers. Assuming the telemark team you are talking about is a race team, this might not be as useful to you as the level 2 coaching course. I don't have any race or race coaching experience/training but I'm sure many of the alpine drills will transfer to telemark directly, others with some minor modifications.

That said, the PSIA level one event I attended was (loosely)structured so that there was lots of time to work on personal skiing and/or pick the examiner's head on whatever, coaching junior telemark racers for instance. The course conductor was real good at giving each of us what we needed.

The level one exam clinic is definitly worth it. Prepare with this. http://www.psia-e.org/ed/nordic/NordicDHExamGuideI.pdf Hmm, it looks like you can get level two in one season...

The telemark coaching gig sounds like fun! Enjoy.
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Contact Pierre, i think he is a tele level 2 or 3.
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Hey Chili you don't say where you are so I may not be totally relevant. I passed my alpine level 3 in central. After a few years of taking alpine events (in eastern) passed my level 3 tele in eastern. In my experience too many of the people taking Alpine events seemed to no longer be actively teaching, rather are just trying to keep their certification. The Tele events are smaller, More Learning oriented, everyone wants to become better skiers, and are just more fun. I have had great events both alpine and tele but on the whole I've learned more at tele events then alpine over the last 10 years.

Since you already have the racing background I would look hard at the tele option. Good skiing is good skiing. Well there are lots of tele specific ski questions I would think that already being a good alpine racer you can still get a lot done working on line selection and sorting out upper body issues as your lower body learns the "new" movement patterns. In the meantime keep carving on that little toe and if you inline skate work on your double push. PSIA-e has a great little DVD out. It uses real people at events for skiers. The really good thing about it is it shows 4-8 people at each level and says specifically how people do or do not meet the standards for each level. So not only do you get a feel for what is expected at each level, but a good movement analysis lesson as well. About the only time the ed staff is shown is in the outtakes section. There were a limited number made but at $15 see if you can get one.

Gee, there's a reason I tell my groups to tell me shut up and ski
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hey folks, thanks for some of the feedback. just to answer some questions and clarify things.... the program is the junior telemark freeride program at Alpine Meadows, CA. AM is a very much a hotbed for telemark skiing in the Tahoe area. supposedly this is one of the few junior telemark freeride programs in the whole country, so i am definitely excited at the thought of contributing to the program.

today i chatted with the other telemark coach and mentioned the whole PSIA thing. he was some what against it but he is not a big fan of PSIA to begin with. i think he has his level 2 cert from Canada? in any case, we did agree that it couldn't hurt me to do a level 1 telemark clinic. i am a perpetual student of skiing... so i think the clinic would be a great experience.

i think for me personally... i just need to figure out if i want to progress and learn the art of telemark ski coaching or stick with my old stand-by of alpine ski coaching and perhaps take that to a higher level?!?! decisions, decisions....
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