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At the end of last season I picked up a pair of 999s as they were cheap and I didn't own a powder day only ski. Because of personal issues and just plain bad luck I hadn't skied them until today. Keystone reported 10" new and since it was almost raining at Dillon yesterday I was not expecting anything but heavy slush. I was wrong. The snow was quite good, not fluff but not at all heavy. The Elans were a blast. If you flex this ski you'd think it was a noodle yet in the pow the flex felt just fine. It would even carve soft groomers better than I expected. I found myself charging lines I normally would take some care with. As the morning wore on and the temps rose into the 40s the new snow turned into heavy crud. No problem, just kept charging. Finally when the high moisture snow and higher temps combined with skier traffic the ski met its match. On the firmer packed snow I found it to be a lot of work to keep on edge and it was clearly not a ski you'd want to spend time on in these conditions. In softer bumps it was just ok as well, but not terrible. Overall I'm happy to have them. Don't turn down a good deal on a pair if it fills a need in your quiver.