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Sugarloaf/Sunday River 3/31-4/1 Conditions?

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Did the meltdown do a lot of damage to the loaf and SR? How do you think it will hold up after another week of Spring? We're planning on going up next Saturday and Sunday.
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I was at SR this past Thurs and Fri. A few trails without snowmaking were pretty thin with some rocks showing. Some of the double blacks, like Tin Woodsman, were closed. I think there will still be some good spring skiing to be found there, but you'll probably want to bring your rock skis. Hit it first thing in the morning. The snow got awfully soft by lunch time. The weather is calling for showers there tonight and temps in the 40s and 50s all week. So, hopefully someone else will report later in the week. Good luck!
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I was up at SR yesterday. Snow was very mushy/wet. I don't recall specific trail names, but all the blues and blacks we went on were bumped up and had patches of no cover. It wasn't like thin cover or not, it was more either cover or dirt/rocks/brush.
I'm heading up next weekend (ski dorm price was ridiculously good) also, and am strongly considering bringing my rock skis. I recommend a good strong wax base at the minimum.

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Skied today ... sunny till noon, sleet at 2:00, wet by 2:30. Wasn't dressed for rain, so headed in. Mostly drizzly until 6, then misty.

Exposed surfaces that got wind blown after the storms are thin. Groomers are moving snow around to give you a path at the tops of White heat, Obsession, Risky, Rogue. Snow gets better (much) on those trails where trees protected snow from the winds. Hard in the AM and deep sugar late in the afternnon down low.

Shockwave is primo - hasn't been this good in a few years - big bumps, tons of cover. Same for Black hole - bumps are spaced out and icy in between in the AM. Top Gun - nice! Agony - great shape.

Lower Airglow is hurtin'. Quantum - ouch! Tourist trap - bigger ouch. Tin woodsman and Eureka were both very nice today. Ruby and iC have snow - no base, but are roped. Down draft and Vortex are growing some ground in spots. Some "staple trails" seem to be taking the biggest beating - lower Amex, Grand Rapids, Escapade, etc. The Palooza is still in good shape. Glades are very mixed - some closed in AM others roped all day (Monkey and Blind A).

So overall things are good, but the mountain took a BIG hit last week. Made a little snow here and there, but it was a loosing battle. Saturday two weeks ago was mid-winter conditions. ...so there you have it. Warm temps predicted tomorrow, then a cool down coming.
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Anyone have an update on conditions at SR? Probably going up tonight. Thanks!

Editing to say: Nevermind, they're all sold out! Might try Sugarloaf instead, but I've only been there twice and both times conditions were very poor. what to do? what to do?
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sold out?
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Yeah, the lodging was sold out was what I meant.
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Kim, when were you last at Sugarloaf??

It has been skiing great since mid February. I was there last Sunday and the coverage is very good. I can't imagine the conditions at Sunday River are any better??
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I haven't been there in a couple of years. It's just that whenever we go, it's bad! We have not picked the right times.

We ended up at Attitash this weekend. Today was more like grits than mashed potatoes! But, no lifts lines and a most pleasant day overall. Got to sleep in and then enjoy the soft snow and sunshine!

Gotta hit the Loaf right sometime. Maybe next year.
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