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small movements

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Recently I have been working on my hand /upper body movements. Progressively driving the outside hand into and around the turn. Which is working very well. However, I noticed that my inside hand was starting to drop back causing me to be late for the next turn. So I started blocking it in the front of my side with the elbow. Today I started to break through the packed run with the outside ski. About 4 inches at the apex. The inside ski did not and just left a edged line on top of the snow. Sometimes disengageing. It may not be textbook but it put me in the drivers seat. Thanks Bears for helping me get to the next level.
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Kudos for getting to the next level in your skiing. It sounds like it is time to start working on your inside half through the turns, that's the next step.

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Thanks Ron. The inside movements will give me something to work on this Summer. Seems like the Winter flew by.
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