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How wide is too wide? - Page 4

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Originally Posted by X-EastCoaster View Post
^^ Too bad Jer's right
Took the words out of my mouth...
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I feel that I may have a definative answer to the original question:

Q. "How wide is too wide?"

A. "wide enough for you to poach MY line is too wide." If I am competing with you for fresh tracks, your skis are too wide and you should go back to short carving skis and stick to practicing 'cross under/ cross over' drills on blue groomers.*

* denotes sarcasm on my part. Don't get riled up, I'm Kidding.

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Originally Posted by Jer View Post
Actually they can be fun on groomers with two prerequisits:
2) You have to actually know how to ski.
Best comment I've read here in a long time! :
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