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Nuclear meltdown at Stowe

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I was at Stowe from 3/21 through 3/24. The conditions on Wednesday the 21st were probably the best I've ever skied at Stowe, and it was a beautiful clear day.

The nuclear meltdown (as one local friend of mine put it) started Thursday, and by Saturday the 24th there were quite a few bare spots on Mansfield as well as a lot of grass over on Spruce. This photo was from Saturday morning.

There's still plenty of skiing, but if the weather doesn't change soon it won't last long. I'm hoping for a surprise spring blizzard!
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Everywhere has lost a lot of snow over the last few days. I just got back from Killington, and while the cover there is still decent, there are some thin spots, particularly over at Bear. That will be the area that they close first, anyway, it just stays warmer over there. I skied Pico on Saturday, the conditions where very good. I'm not surprised to see the pictures of Stowe. The trails with little or no snowmaking base will always loose it quickly, and Stowe relys a lot on natural snow. I think a trip to the Loaf is in order for next weekend. Always the best place in the east for spring skiing. Might as well get it while it's still there. I also heard a long range forecast that called for a return to colder temps for the beginning of April. Keep your fingers crossed.
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Bear will be fine next week for Bumpfest.
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STowe has lost a lot of snow, bu there is still plenty left. The spot in that picture doesn't get snowmaking and is wind-scoured. It was slushy today, but it was deep slush... The season isn't over yet, but I am starting to think about bikes now.
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As much as we like to hope, you must remember this was the worst snow year... dare I say ever?

There is not much base.
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Originally Posted by Max Capacity View Post
As much as we like to hope, you must remember this was the worst snow year... dare I say ever?

There is not much base.
Worst snow year ever? where are you referring to? Bad start for sure but since MLK weekend certainly not bad and actually great at times.. much better than last year, at least thats my experience.

I think Mansfields stake peaked around 90" and is still at 70"
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I'm wondering too. There is tons of base.
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This was from the Stowe Newsletter on March 22, now I always take with a grain of salt any snow reports from the areas themselves, but I'd have to say based on my time at Stowe this year it's pretty accurate..


Ever since the Martin Luther King Weekend back in mid-January, winter has been on a very positive track here in Stowe. Bottom line, it has snowed a ton. The accumulated total snowfall is now being measured at around 288” which translates to 24 feet of snow. That is a lot of snow by any standards, and with another storm or two will rank among the better winters on record.

That item is particularly noteworthy this winter, because back on January 12th the snow stake was showing a grand total of 11”. Now it’s flirting with breaking 90”. Pretty heady stuff when you consider that down country media were convinced that ski season was headed for disaster back in late December. Statistics are a funny thing, but locals will tell you that the skiing off the top of Mansfield was awfully good back in late October into the first week of November. Folks were excited. Then the first of two long thaws hit and most of November was too warm for snowmaking. There was a bit of a rally staged by Mother Nature in late December and things were pretty good for the Holiday week. Then a January thaw arrived, and ended with a storm on January 14th. Nobody knew that we were heading into a stretch that would deliver 15 feet of snow in six weeks and give Stowe some of the best and most consistent conditions anywhere in the country. February was off the charts and March b! egan with a big storm. Saint Patrick’s Day was celebrated in white this year as two-to-three feet fell in another classic Nor'easter. Who knows what the rest of the season holds? Rest assured, there will be plenty of snow to take us deep into April.
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I'll be there with my family this Sunday... and loving it.
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