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I'm a good beginner/intermediate who's been away from downhill for 12 yrs now.

I stand 168 cm tall (5'6") and currently weigh 180 but keep in shape by cycling/xcountry skate skiing, weights etc and plan on getting down to 165 lb over the next few months.

I bought a local season ski pass to Grouse Mtn (vancouver bc) and want to really ramp up my skill level next season and plan on hitting the slopes 2-3x/wk ....I want an all mtn ski that is very versatile for crud, ice, powder tree skiiing, etc....(I guess an all mtn) something that will challenge me and take me to a next level.

I have been offered a good deal on head I monster i.m77 at 163 cm
but am unsure as to how to size up skis given my height (168cm) and weight (right now, as mentioned, I'm 180 but normal weight is 165ish).

Also considering the Salomon Fury, Blast, X-wing series, K2 Stryker
Rossignal b2 or b3 and Volkl unlimited AC2 or AC3 (AC4?)

So if you have any size suggestions and/or skis to offer me, pls go ahead.