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Fischer Sceneo S500

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I finally bought the Fischer Sceneo S500 FT skis. :

A few weeks ago I started looking for them in several ski shops only to realize that few carry Fischer skis. Fischer distribution in Canada (and apparently the US) is very limited, which makes it harder to find what you want, in the size you want.

In Toronto I found what I wanted at one ski shop. They only had one pair of the S500 skis and that pair was in the length I wanted. So I had about 10 minutes to convince my wife that $945 for the skis and $320 for the bindings is absolutely necessary for my sanity and happiness over the winter.

It helped that the shop gave me the sale price (guaranteed until Jan 1st), which put the package at $926. I know it is a lot of money, but WTF, life is short.

So here I am looking at these beauties, knowing that I have to wait a long time before I get to sample them. Bye the way, this is the first time I bought a turntable binding (Rossi Axial 120). Total lift is 33mm, which is low compared to the lift on my AxeCleavers (45mm). They also feel less stiff than my AxeCleavers, which surprised me a little. The tail is definitely less firm than the AxeCleaver (which is known for a kick-ass tail). All this comes from simple hand flexing, so the snow experience could be very different.

OK, fine, I will go and take a cold shower now. :
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Interesting choice of skis. I was looking for some early season skis for my 20 year old daughter & stumbled on some Sceneo XTRs leading me to research the Sceneo line. (It ends up the XTRs are Fischer's high performance rental ski.) The Sceneo line is being billed as a cross between short-slaloms and mid-fats. Every first-hand review I could find on the Sceneo line was very positive. They sound like fun skis. Enjoy.
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Thats one of the skis I want to demo this season.Peter Keelty seems to like The seaneo 500. I just wonder how that wide tip will be in Bumps? Unfortunately The local shop that sold the Fisher Line just went belly up.I'm going to have to do some looking around to find a pair to Demo. Tom what sie did you get?
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I got them in 160cm, which hopefully will make these skis behave like "all-mountain shorty slalom" skis.

The 170cm would probably be better in the West, while the 180cm will probably reduce that slalom feel and will make this ski more of a medium-long turn carver.

In Ski Canada magazine, the reviewers thought that the ski (in the 160-170 lenght) behaves much like a fun carver, with equal scores (8/10) for short and long turns. What sold me on this ski (without a demo) is the fact that it received the mostconsistent scores from men (between 7 and 8.5 out of 10). Most skis had much wider ranges, meaning that not everyone agreed on the ski's characteristics.

You should know that another Canadian mag (SkiPresse) thought that the ski has poor float in powder. They tested the 180cm length in the All Mountain Category. All agreed on the high energy of the ski and its ability to carve and pump out short turns. But bumps are not its strength. Probably manageable in short lengths, but the 180 must be quite difficult in bumps.

Time will tell if I purchased the right ski for me. I don't doubt that I can enjoy the ski, but you sometimes realize what you are missing when you try other models. Last winter I tried the Head Super Cross Ti (170cm) and loved it. It lacked the rebound and turnny characteristics I crave, but it had the strength/stability that my AxeCleavers lack. Hopefully the S500 falls right between the AxeCleavers and the Super Cross Ti.

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