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all mtn ski suggestions pls for returning skier

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hi...great forum and site here, btw.

I'm 44, stand 168 cm (5'6") and weight a chunky
180 (getting down to 160 over next few months).
Despite this I do work out 4-6x wk with weights, cycling etc.

I haven't downhill skiied in about 12 yrs I should note and when I did
I was a good beginner-intermediate.

This winter I engaged more into nordic skate skiing than downhill
...this said, however, I recently
bought a local season's pass to a local mtn (Grouse mtn
here in Vancouver BC) with the intent to really ramp up my skill
level with the newer skis (vs the ones I have in my closet from
12 yrs ago!...quite the difference!)...I predict I'd be hitting
the slopes a good 2-3x/week next season with my pass.

Anyway, I want a ski I can grow into (not too advanced but
not too basic, either) and can handle a host of different conditions
(ice, crud, even adventure into powder) for a 50-50 split in terrain...
I mostly ski blue runs but hope to graduate to black runs
but nothing too extreme (I'm intermediate ability).

So what would you recommend as your perfect/'ideal' all mtn ski that
can handle powder (banff, jasper) as well as groomed runs with different
weather conditions (ie whistler, okanagan valley, north shore mountains
or tree skiing in eastern USA townships)?:

From what I've researched I am considering:
-dynastar legend 4800 or 8000,
-salomon xwing fury or blast or xwing 6
-k2 apache recon or newer stryker....
-volkl s series or other?
--atomic metron m7 or even their
soon to be released atomic nomad series (the 'high noon')....

Thanks for any imput.

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Several skis will work,

Having skied Banff recently: http://forums.epicski.com/showthread.php?t=53627 , I suggest the following;

Dynastar contact 11: http://cgi.ebay.com/2007-Dynastar-Co...QQcmdZViewItem

Great all mountain ski for what you discribe, It was perfect for LL & SSV.


Others to consider include the Head Monster 77, Elan Magfire 10 or 12...

I'm sure others will chime in.

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The '07-'08 Head SuperShape Magnum might be the perfect Pacific Northwest ski. It is 71 mm wide underfoot with a 14 meter turning radius. The flex is soft for deep snow, the ski holds an edge on hard snow, and is very good in moguls. For your size, you might want either the 160 or 165 cm version depending on how aggressively you ski. I'm 200#, 6', very good skier but not high energy, and the 177 was too stiff for me. I hope to be on a pair of the 170s next winter.

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