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I thought I'd bump this with some more recent skiing for anyone who is interested.

SL Skiing 6
SL Skiing 7

My focus has been on vertical separation at the apex of the turn, creating more solid angles (not banking), and transitioning more smoothly. BTW, Colorado snow is much easier to ski on than the stuff that goes by the same name around here...


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At about 10secs on both films there seems to be a little glitch through the fall-line of your left handed turn. It includes in film 7 your left hand doing something untoward at that point.

I can't see, but it looks as if the left ski errs and causes the left hand's move? It looks as if there could be a dip(?) that has spoilt your rythm there, but whatever it is, it occurs both times and I wonder to what extent your very quiet hands (almost without any deliberate pole plant) could be contributing a little more to the overall stability by being slightly more in charge of events instead of just being carried? Possibly your intended vertical seperation has allowed the hands to be ignored more than you might do normally. a very small nit to pick!
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That's good skiing. You've tackled your focus issues well. At this level of skiing, commentary is mostly picking nits. I don't know how much of the focus on vertical separation is responsible, but there are times when your outside skis starts to get away from you. You're getting a little too much weight on the inside ski in those spots. There's also a little bit of head pop in these turns. We want to see a little more long leg/short leg (PSIA vernacular) or flex to release (PMTS vernacular). It's funny that in both clips I got the nagging impression that your weight was a little back but could not point to a "gotcha" spot. The best I could find was in the second clip at the end as you go by the camera (13 seconds) where you can see that your butt is just a tiny bit behind the heels. That's not a big problem because you've arched your back to get centered. See how far your head is in front of your core? In general, we'd like to see a taller stance in order to reduce the muscular effort required to stay in balance. You'll also get more effective pressure on the front of the boot/tips of the skis from a taller position. I think this would also help the second part of where I'd like to see you go next from here. I'd like to see your turns become a bit more rounder. Sometimes, the top half of your turns don't have much shape. Other times, the rebound out of the apex causes the finish of your turns to happen too quickly (e.g. the turn in the second clip at 9-10 seconds where a terrain surprise compounds the problem).

Things I like about this skiing include:
Strong use of edging
Level hands
Shoulders mostly level to the pitch of the slope
Good angulation
The legs are "working" (good terrain absorption in clip 1)/
Stable upper body
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