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Ski weights for flights

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Hey there, I just got one of those sick oakley 2.0 ski bags off sac. I tried it out, and it can fit both pairs of skis along with my boots and poles with room for jackets and clothes ect. ta boot! Im thinking this bag is an absolute godsend, no more lugging around multiple bags, everything I'll ever need for the week all fits nicely in this monster of a bag. Only problem I'm realising is that it may be too heavy now! What are the weight limits before the fines start kicking in? I dont have a scale at the moment, but does anyone have an idea of how much a pair of skis and bindings would weigh? I'm flying domestic from the east coast to SF
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I know american airlines alows only one pair of skis with 50lbs limit. I put two pair of skis in a double sportstube stuffed with clothes and have not been charged extra on deomestic flighs.

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THe skis in my basement (with bindings) weigh 10, 13, 13, 14, and 14 pounds (per pair).

Take this with a grain of salt, since I just used my crummy bathroom scale.

I have demoed other skis that felt heavy, so some might types might be a few pounds heavier. (These are 162 to 188 cm lengths, plus an old 200 cm ringer from the back of the garage). I'd bet almost anything is less than 20 pounds.

Pretty much every domestic airline has a 50 lb limit, with around $25/bag overlimit charge, and an absolute limit of 75 lbs. (I know people do bring heavier stuff, but don't know how that jibes with the published limit. Maybe a different category?)

It used to be that curbside check-in and a decent tip would circumvent the penalties, but in Feb a friend had to pay the overweight charge at the curb.
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Most airlines have a 50lb limit, no matter what the item. Once you go over 50 you pay an overweight fee, which probably varies by airline. 70lbs is typically the maximum though, at which point they won't accept it on a passenger flight and it will need to ship by cargo flight. I routinely take four pairs of skis in a single bag without problems.
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The cost of sending the skis ahead by UPS or FedEx is substantially greater than the overweight airline charge - and the service is substantially more reliable.
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I've flown with multiple pairs of skis many times on several different airlines. Bottom line is that if you show up with no more than 2 bags per person and no bag weighs over 50 pounds it's not a problem.

Since you'd need to stuff three pairs of skis and a brick into your bag to hit the 50 pound limit, two pairs shouldn't be a problem. I've done 2 pair of alpine plus a pair of XC.

Note that the above is my experience - if you read the fine print you'll notice that skis are an exception to their usual length maximum and that they'll allow them as an exception. If they want to give you a hard time about two pairs (the exception is based upon "one" piece of sporting equipment) they can. But my experience is that the person at the check in counter doesn't care - overweight or too many bags means they have to fill out paperwork, two bags that are under the weight limit and they just put them through the system - it's the path of least resistence. Unless you're going out of your way to be a prick it's unlikely that the check in attendents will make more work for themselves.

P.S. Don't try to check 3 bags and use the "ski boots and skis count as one piece of luggage" excuse. This may work, but if there's anything in either bag other than skis boots and poles expect them to charge you for an extra bag.

P.P.S Don't ever check your boots. You can rent or buy anything else, but skiing on rental boots is not something you ever want to do.
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Don't you have a scale?
weigh yourself, then your full bag and you.
subtr... ah heck, figure it out.
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A few years ago I bought a Dakine double ski bag and 2 large rolling duffels so my wife and I could get by with 3 Bags. On the last 3 trips I have had trouble with weight issues on the ski bag when I stuffed it with clothes. They had a scale curbside in SLC this year and wanted to ding me for $25 for a bag that was 51.5lbs.You might as well use a single ski bag per person.
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Ah, i see you don't have a scale?
Bet it is cheaper to get one than to pay overweight.
The boots may put you over.
2 pair of skis, one set poles, helmet,
some clothing put me at 35 lbs.
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Sure.I have a scale at home, but the condo we stayed at does not have one and I would definitely be over weight if I packed one. Point is,they have gotten stricter on the weight issue,so one takes less stuff or checks another bag. They are even now charging $2 a bag for cubside check-in SLC + tip.
By the way,the Dakine bag is well padded and durable,but heavy. 2 sets of skis,poles and bag ,36lbs
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A couple of weeks ago, I fed-ex'd my wife's and my skis to Utah and back. I've got a pair of 172cm Atomic B5 Metrons with the HEAVY neox bindings, and my wife has a pair of 154cm Nordica Olympia Speed with the Marker's on the plate, both pairs in 1 bag weighed in at 37.5lbs.

Shouldn't be a problem for you

Watch out for the boot factor though, or better off carrying them on with you. Our boot bag that we Fed-Ex'd(expensive, but when traveling with 2 kids ages 3 and 1, the less to lug around th airport the easier life is, plus I know with Fed Ex that my gear will be there, absolutely 100% of the time!) with 2 pair of boots, 2 helmets, and all the soft goods(coats, ski pants, etc) wighed in at a whopping 65lbs!
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I'm flying this Sat. I have the Sportube Series 3 and it weighs in at about 15 lbs empty. My skis are 14 pounds. I still have to fit another set of skis in the tube plus two sets of poles. I should come in just barely under weight.
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Originally Posted by exracer View Post
Most airlines have a 50lb limit, no matter what the item. Once you go over 50 you pay an overweight fee, which probably varies by airline. 70lbs is typically the maximum though, at which point they won't accept it on a passenger flight and it will need to ship by cargo flight. I routinely take four pairs of skis in a single bag without problems.
Just flew Continental. I have a Spyder double ski bag packed with 2 pair of skis, 2 pair of poles, 2 helmets, and a couple pieces of clothing to pad it all. When we were checking in, we started following the option for oversized luggage when the checkin clerk stopped us and told us to just claim it as a regular bag because ski bags are exempt. She never weighed it and told us to put it right on the oversized cart. Not to say this is standard, but that is our recent experience.... and we had no problem both ways.
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Just returned from Vail using American Airlines with 2 pairs of skis and a pair of poles, in a double ski bag. The only concern of the airline person (I am not sure what to call her) was weight and it came it at 36 lbs.

I was shocked at EGE (Vail/Eagle airport) when a TSA monkey tossed bags one after another at the security check point. These were ski bags and regular luggages. I was also not happy when I saw my ski bag unloaded from my plane at SFO, but was stacked at the bottom of a big pile while loading onto the towed trailer for transporting to luggage claim.
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The problem is the rule is 50lb and and you never know when they are going to be strict about it, its a pain shuffling dirty clothes from one bag to the other at curbside while people are waiting in line because some guy shows up with a scale that probably is off by 5lbs. We will just carry one more bag next year and be done with it.
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Flying United, they usually just tell me to put my ski tube at the front of the line and the guy will come pick it up with the oversized stuff. Never weighed, same as 2-turn. That's here at IAD (Dulles, VA), where they aren't set up for big ski bags/cases.

I think they are more likely to be strict on the weight if it's a full flight. If you fly odd times or from a less busy airport, you are less likely to get the weight weenies on your case. When you go to check in, and you get your boarding pass from the kiosk, look at the seating options. That'll show you how full the flight is (to a point. If you're flying steerage, you can't tell whether some seats are occupied or just unavailable to us pond scum).
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I had my skitube weighed most of the time this year. Departing Jackson was the only exception I think. Rossi Z9's and poles in a Kuu Skitube weighed in at 22lbs.

The only time I've seen someone get hassled for having both a ski bag and a boot bag was last year in France. Fellow had his boots in a small duffle style bag with nothing else in the bag. The clerk was insisting that ski boots had to be in a "boot bag".
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Just flew on United from Chicago to Sacramento.

1. Sporttube 2 case,
2 sets of poles,
Atomic Metron B5 162 with heavy neox bindings
Head Mojo 90 166 with Mojo 15 bindings
47 lbs.
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