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Time is Short

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Outside this morning I noticed that the trees are staring to bud. Winter is slipping past. I cannot believe that I have yet to, Ski Beaver Creek, Ski Cooper, A-Basin, try ice skating, ski a whole day with Bong, (what’s up with that?) Get my two very best non-skiing friends out, have a fancy sit down lunch, meet Bob Barnes, take that 2nd lesson.

Yikes work is sure getting in the way!

How's everyone else doing with their wish list?
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Really my only wish this year was to give this instructing thing a try. So I guess I'm well on my way. Work, What's that? Oh yeah I got laid off and then hired back as a contractor so when I take off to do something else I just think "what are they going to do? Fire me?" Ha...

Oh yeah, I got to ski some extreme steeps and sort of ski with Eski. I will forever consider myself lucky to have watched such a truly wonderful skier in person and try to not get left too far behind [img]smile.gif[/img]
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Remember a thread from a few months ago about goals? http://www.epicski.com/cgi-bin/ultim...c&f=4&t=000628
How you all been doing with those?

I got the 360's down...
I'll try something bigger tonight and see what happens.
I didn't join the race team.
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damn, my objective at beg of the season was to get some variety in, its the spice of life after all....and I mean in relation to ski areas

so far...Whistler, Alpine, Sugarbowl, Copper Mountain. Only one of these is new !!!

time is running out...3 1/2 mnths and I'm back in Oz...ahhhhh !!!!! time to get organised, quite my job and hit the road !!!
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My only real goal this season was to get risky with a fine ski bunny in a gondola. Sadly, I have not accomplished this goal.

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Alta...maybe you should head to Whistler and try all 3 Gondolas in one day ! : now thats a real goal !
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That's an interesting idea, Jane, I've never thought about it before.
You could get the bus out to creekside, take that gondola up, stop to tidy yourself at Raven's Nest, then ski along Expressway to the Whistler Midstation, get that gondola up to Roundhouse, where you could have a break, and get some food, then ski down Orange Peel, Bear Paw and Lower Crabapple, then get on the Excalibur Gondola for a ride up Blackcomb, down Shorthorn, Merlin's and into Merlins bar for a jagermeister.
Then after lunch...

But I've never thought of that before. Seems like a good idea, though. Any of you ladies like to keep me company?

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I can see the ladies lining up now....oh sorry maybe thats just the normal lift line !
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Have any of them got a season pass, or are they here for a lesson? If so maybe they could jump the line!

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Alta Skier and Jane,

Want lots of room to play with great views, grips, and no privacy ? The Snowbird Tram !

BTW, do this later in the day. First few Trams up are usually pretty full [ but Alta Skier already knows this !]
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The old Gondola at Park City was slow about a 20 min ride up. When they tore it down there was a Goodbye Gondola party. Lots of people told their Favorite Gondola story.It's amazing how many kids in town were concieved in the Old Gondola :
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<BLOCKQUOTE>quote:</font><HR>Originally posted by Utah49:
The old Gondola at Park City was slow about a 20 min ride up. When they tore it down there was a Goodbye Gondola party.<HR></BLOCKQUOTE>

In another thread, you're trying to encourage me to come to Utah, now you tell me they don't even have a slow gondola!
I mean, what's the point of Utah?

Can someone come up with a better (and positive) suggestion?

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