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Whistler/Blackcomb 3/19-23

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I just got back today from 5 days skiing at WB with my friend. It seems like we got the best and worst the mountain has to offer.

Day 1: Monday
Woke up to find it raining at the bottom. We walked from our hostel on Nordic drive over to Creekside gondola, got our tickets and were on the lift by 8:30. About half way up the gondola the rain turned to snow and the rain never rose above the Creekside midstation all day. The top of both mountains was closed so we spent the day exploring the middle part of both hills. Not many people were out so we were able to find fresh lines most of the morning. There was great skiing in the trees around Ratfink, and Franz's run. We headed over to Blackcomb for the afternoon and did laps on Crystal chair and Jersey Cream. The snow was pretty good at higher elevations but got heavier lower down. All in all a decent, but very wet day.

Day 2: Tuesday
Woke up to blue skies. My friend broke his pole the previous day so while he went to get a new set I headed up and skied a few runs in untouched powder on Whistler. We met up at 10 just as the Peak Chair opened and promptly got in line. As we waited we watched the first people come down from the top and and come over the waterfall (including one unlucky fellow who jumped off only to land and have his skis launch about twenty feet - he was tended by the ski patrol afterwards). We skied non-stop all day, rotating between the Peak chair, Harmony, and Symphony. We were able to find fresh lines most of the day. The snow was fairly light. It ranks among the best days skiing I've ever had.

Day 3: Wednesday
Once again we were up early, this time to check out Blackcomb. We did a lap on Spanky's Ladder, Blow Hole, and more. Unfortunately on the way to Coulouir Extreme in flat light my friend mistepped and toppled over on to his shoulder that had only just recovered from a previous injury. He skied on, but considering the flat light we didn't want to push anything lest he make it worse. We still went down the Couloir, and did Secret Bowl, but for the most part stayed below the alpine and did some laps in the glades of Crystal chair and below 7th Heaven.

Day 4: Thursday
The top of mountains was in the clouds and due to flat light and my friends shoulder injury we didn't spend much time in the alpine. We skied both mountains with the highlight being a few great runs off the Garbanzo Express. Somehow Seppo's run had been barely tracked out. Raptor's glade on Blackcomb was also in great shape. We also had fun racing down the snow cross course.

Day 5: Friday
The weather was a repeat of Monday. Rain, wet snow, high winds, no alpine - we skied for not even half the day before heading in and spending the rest of the day inside the hostel before the catching the Greyhound and red-eye flight back to Toronto.

All in all it was a great trip. The conditions on Tuesday were worth it alone. I'll post some pictures soon.
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