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Help: Rossi Zenith Z11 Mutix??

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I have the opportunity to pick these up at a great deal but haven't had the chance to demo. If anyone has demoed I'd love some info.

Me: Aggressive, all mountain (sadly mostly on-piste) west coast skier - quick but not a speed demon, a little float is always appreciated for Sierra cement, mid-turn radius and always on the look-out for some bumps. Looking for 1 ski for everything (aren't we all).

Fan of: recons, monster 77/78, skis that can be pushed but can also chill.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Will post a review if I end up with them.

Thanks in advance.
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I'm actually a Rossignol fan owning both the 2007 9X and 9S Oversize models but I have to be honest the Mutix was one of the worst ski's I've tryed! I borrowed a pair from a local shop in 175 cm with the long arm attachment, I hated them. I'm 215 pounds plus and found them difficult to turn and overly damp. When I returned them to the shop they agreed with my findings and stated that was the reason that they were not stocking that model, not to mention they are very expensive! I ski the 9S in 173cm and the 9X in 181cm, the 175 should have been the proper length. I would not recommend that ski personaly.
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He was asking amout the new Z11 not the R11. I do have to agree with Buckwild that the R11 is quite possible the worst ski I have been on in 15 years. I think I would rather ski a snowblade with a broken binding. As for the Z11 it is a much better ski than the R11. The R11 was dead and it was confused as to what kind of ski it was. As for the Z11 it is built off the Zenith mold which is wider and much more versatile in multi conditions.

The new Z11 has a much easier Mutix systme first of all and the ski actually feels like it has a purpose on the slope unlike the R11 did. I am not a Rossi guy at all, but I did enjoy the Z11 for its versatility. Still too narrow for what I like, but a good stab for Rossi trying to sell some skis in the Monster 77/ Recon category. The Head and K2 are going to be more versatile on the little bit softer days as where the Zenith 11 will ski the groomers with ease and will also plow through crud in the spring. In all I would say it is one of their better skis in the line up.

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Z11 info

I have tried the z11 and will have a pair next season. I currently have the z9 and love them, I race on my beer league, ski off piste, groomed, bumps, krud. spring mashed potatoes, and in powder, both here and out west. they are an exellent one ski quiver. The z11 is 2mil wider in the tips 128, and in the waist 76. z9 is 126,74,109. So every little bit helps in pow and krud. I felt like the ski was a little stiffer than the z9 with the stiffer arms, and about the same as the z9 or the z5 with the softer arms. Changing them out was a snap. One thing I found with the z9 is they really like a good edge tune but maybe thats just me. I am really looking forward to race league next year on the z11s.
Great ski with some pretty cool graphics which is rare.
Overall I'd say rossi has a future hit with the z11 and I hope they keep making the zeneth series for a long time because the line has something for skiers of all levels.
I would recomend that you get them, I can't see you being dissapointed unless your looking for a specialty ski, ie. fat powder,race, bumps, etc.
Good luck! and let me know what you think of them.
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What happened to my post on the Z11?
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I,ve been on the Z11 for 2 weeks. IMHO, Rossi seems to have improved on the Z9. The Z9 has a tendency to over flex in the forebody when encountering crud or wind slab conditions. The arms on the Z11 correct this issue and allows the tip to drive through these conditions. While the arms and their corresponding stiffness seem like a gimmick they truly change the performance of the ski. The green arms(softer) are definitely more forgiven off piste while the orange arms (stiffer) hold extremely well on firm snow and ice. This ski has more power than any Rossi in recent memory. To sum it up this ski will reward good movements and punish poor ones.
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