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Rossi Zenith Z11 Mutix??

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I have the opportunity to pick these up at a great deal but haven't had the chance to demo. If anyone has demoed I'd love some info.

Me: Aggressive, all mountain (sadly mostly on-piste) west coast skier - quick but not a speed demon, a little float is always appreciated for Sierra cement, mid-turn radius and always on the look-out for some bumps. Looking for 1 ski for everything (aren't we all).

Fan of: recons, monster 77/78, skis that can be pushed but can also chill.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Will post a review if I end up with them.

Thanks in advance.
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I'm a Rossignol supporter and I hated this ski, I would not recommend it. Even the dealers stayed away from this ski.
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Sorry, disregard my previous reply. I was reffering to the R11, not the Z11 which I have not skiied.
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I got a pair of the Z11's in a 170cm 2 weeks ago. I Skied them for a week in variety of spring conditions.
I am 5' 10', 155lbs., aggresive all mountain skier. The 1st 4 days I skied them with the stiff flex bars. The skis held amazingly well on frozen, hard as a rock, groomed snow, much better than my 170 Z9's. They floated nicely in soft spring corn and crud, (not quite as quiet a ride as the Scott 178cm, 88mm waist skis I tried the other day), but nice & easy to ski. The Z11 was also fine in the bumps, with its quick, short turning radius. I also opted to use them for our final town league race, due to the fact that they held so well on the ice the first day I skied them. This was probably not the best choice, as I got a bit of chatter in some of the icier sections, I usually race on my longer & narrower Volkl Racetigers. Even with the wider Z11's I still managed to win my age class, & got 4th overall.
As the temperatures got warmer & the snow softer I put on the softer flex bars the next 2 days, & didn't notice much difference, although I think I preffered the stiffer ones.
Overall, I love the ski! I am a bit old school, & not a huge fan of really fat skis except for deep powder and old rotten snow. So for me this ski will be my all-mountain ski (I love to carve). Many will not agree with this assesment, (even Rossi bills it as 70% on & 30% off piste) but I will use it as a 50/50 ski.
The skis seem to have a relatively soft longitudinal flex, but the bars seem to give them plenty of torsional rigidity.
Due to the fact that the snow is getting thin & dirty, I have waxed them & put them away for the season, & will look forward to having them as my go to ski next season!
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Thanks for the feedback - greatly appreciated. I pulled the trigger. I'll post my own review once I get a few days on them.
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