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NEED ADVICE - Going to Andorra tomorrow

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Hey all,

OK OK - so I know you all said to go to St Anton, Verbier, or Chamonix but I cant ski if the lifts arent running so Ive decided to head to Andorra tomorrow because they actually have snow. I need some advice ... what resort is best for both great skiing and great nightlife (Ive heard that Soldeu doesnt really have any challenging terrain and that's NOT my style ... so Im thinking Arinsal).

Also, does anyone know what the gear situation is there (for rentals and also for buying). Due to the fact that Ive been backpacking around Europe for the last 3 weeks I chose not to bring my skis so I need to get either good rental gear or find some of the great deals that Ive been hearing about there. Does anybody have any info that they could share???

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Don't bother to much about finding a place that is good for both the skiing and the night life. It is a very small country, meaning that you can stay in the capital La Vella and head out to the skiarea in the morning. Leave early though since the traffic can get pretty bad.

I spent a day skiing in Andorra in the beginning of January when I was driving around in the Pyrenees looking for snow. Even though this is my only experience from there I got a very good impression from the area where I skied. It had a double name which I unfortunately can't remember. The snowconditions were pretty far from powder when I was there but the terrain around us seemed promising if you would have hiked a bit.

Hope that helps a bit!
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Hi Geesh, I'm probably too late, but from my point of view.

1. Do not stay in Andorra la Vella, no nightlife to speak of, head upto Arinsal and visit 'Loaded' skate and board shop, its owned by a Canadian, Peter K, a Canadian free skier. He'll be sure to point out the best sking to be had in Arinsal/Pal. He;ll no doubt suggest you ski Arcalis as well, probably the best sking in Andorra.

2 The country is indeed small enough to ski all of the resorts, but transport will be needed in one way, shape or form.

Your lucky, as the Brit and Irish visitors dont arrive until Dec 22nd, and if you want a kicking atmosphere for Xmas, look no further than Arinsal.

3 Prices of equipment and clothing will blow your mind, its duty free, ie no TAX .

Accomadation might be tight though, so another reason to speak to Peter, he should be able to help you out on many of your needs. (dont ski with him though, he's manic and tends to ski sick lines)

Good luck and if you decide to stay in Arinsal, I'm arriving there next Friday afternoon, Dec 20.
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