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06/07184cm Mantra quick review.

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I only skied these for one days but here is my impressions.


age = 23 5'11 175lb
ability = skiing for 5 years this year 110+ under my belt I can turn left and right on most runs at snowbird.

skiing style I really like it all, prefer off trail whens it not rock hard, will rip groomers when everythign else is bad or I feel like going really fast.

skis owned =
179 K2 public Enemies = everyday ski
183 Volkl Gotama = soft snow everyday ski I am the king off overlap :

Boots = Kryptons stiff tongue plugged at bottom setting.

First run at 9am in the morning. Conditions upper chips run was chalky snow bottom of chips run someone groomed it with a zamboni I swear.

My first though its nice to have a "real" ski with some sidecut, the ski feels very turny on edge and is arcing the very hard but not icey snow better than tons of skinny skis. More edge hold than my Metron B5s. Ski also feel as if nothing will upset, super damp. Ski is very dead by my standards though no energy atthe end of the turn. On the ice at the bottom its alittle hard to 'steer" turns but still arcs on edge with no effort. ski is not as nimble on chalky hard pack as my volkl gotamas, but carved turns are much shorter.

IN the afternoon everything is now soft, from styrofoam like snow up top, to great corn to slush, to manky sticky snow off trail down low. My kids were complaining I was going to fast on groomers. Ski feels very long, much longer than my gotamas. Its much easier off trail for me than the 183 Sugar Daddies I sold off this year. Its hard to skid turns, the gotama can skid turns very easily. The bumps were super soft and these were easy enough not great. My other 2 skis are better bump skis IMO. In the trees it was quick enough but lacked the skid ability of the gotamas or the energy of the K2s.

Wide open off trail it felt as stable as the Sugar daddies but without the fore and aft balance issues I was getting on those skis. they float in slush very well.

Overall if you like (western)groomers and wide open off trail this is your one skis quiver. I like this skis alot, enough I may buy it, but have to say the gotamas are better off trail skis for more people. Also the gotamas are much easier to ski on once you get past the much longer sidecut, let me say again gotamas much more nimble when your steering your turns, but the mantra are much tighter turning when on high edge angles.

Another cool thing about these skis is they make metalic noise when they are are dampening out vibrations, anyone else notice this
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Nice review. What year are your Gotama?
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05/06 the all black ones.

If i buy the mantra they will probably be mounted up with dukes or naxos(more likely naxos), all though the demos I will be getting have decent look bindings on them and will stay on until i get a better deal on binders. I imagine they will be will easier to tour with than the very twin gotama and they I *think* they are slighty lighter. with touring binding it would be much easier to travel cause I would have a groomer ski/off trail ski/and touring ski all in one package.
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Originally Posted by BushwackerinPA View Post
05/06 the all black ones.
That explains why the Mantras seemed so much longer.

BTW: I'm been skiing the Mantras as my everyday ski for the last 2 seasons. I think you find them more maneuverable with a few more days on them. It takes some time to get use to get put the ski that high on edge all the time and to take a advantage of the big tip.

The Mantra/duke setup does sound nice. Are you planning on being back at snowbird next year?
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Interesting review, josh. I will be the first to admit that I am nowhere near your ability and days on skis this year, but I found a few things very different about the Mantra so far. I didn't see what size you were on but mine are the 06/07 184. Possibly a size issue between us as I am 6'1 200 lbs right now. I agree totally about the ability to arc a turn like a GS ski on anything other than true eastern ice. The loud ceramic-metallic clanging sound can make you initially think that you will be sliding, but it is really just hystrionics from the ski and they arc up a groomer great, and plenty damp over trail irregularities, provided that it is fairly soft. Coral reef i9n the trees on a spring morning wasn't really fun with these, but then again few skis do well there.

I swapped with my friends 06/07 190 Gotama that he was demoing at the time in Kirkwood in full spring conditions and agree that in the corn and lower heavier mank the Gotama seemed to float over the irregularities better and was actually easier to turn quicker, despite the radius difference. They just bent into a turn better in thick, soft slushy snow. Also agree the Mantras prefer a high edge angle, but coming from skiing a AC4 primarily this seemed fine with me.

Oh, and I agree the Gots feel short. while I never found the 184 Mantra to feel particularly long, the 190 Goats didnt feel any longer at all. I was actually surprised how nimble the 190 felt given the size, as we only tried them since it was the only size the shop had left.
But where we part company is with the skiddability of the Mantra. If anything, I thought the tail was a little too quick to release. I "convinced" my GF to come down the chutes near thunder saddle at the wood to get back to the front side, and due to her being completely gripped had to spend quite a bit of time skidding down through here and the trees at the bottom to coax her through. Same scenario repeated two days later in gate 1 of Mott at heavenly (ok, I accept that I am a jerk, but she still likes to ski with me most of the time )

Anyway, I thought the Mantra skidded and released extremely easily in tight trees/chutes with variable snow. Mine are mounted right on the line, don't know if that makes a difference. Overall, I really like this ski and given its surprising amount of grip on harder snow, I plan on using this as my eastern ski also if there is any fresh around, not just on powder days. We'll se how it does on true east coast hardpack though, and I may have to rethink this idea.
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ok purchased some preproduction 06-07 mantra they are MUCH stiffer than the couple pairs I tried out this year. Long story short they kicked my ass the first day on them but I am geting better everyday. They will be mounted with Naxos Nx21 full review coming soon.

I will say they are quite nice at 40+ mph groomers

but thats not what I bought them for.
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