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Living in Denver

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I know that this is not in the right thread, or the right forum for that matter. But I was wondering if anyone had any information that might help me in making a move to Denver. A job offer was recently extended to me in Denver and I was wondering what it is like to live there. Any information would be appreciated. Demographics, nightspots, living areas, etc? Thanks
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I live in downtown and really enjoy it, but whenever someone asks this question I feel it is only fair to disclose the two worst things about Denver:

Traffic - Terrible despite the $2 billion just spent on I25 (only added 1 lane!)...the only thing useful that came out of the TREX project was light rail. If both your office and home are not located near a light rail stop, I recommend that you live close to your office so that you do not need to use any interstate to commute. Traffic comes into play during the ski season. If you ski frequently, the best thing to do is to get in with a group and rent a condo in the high country...I70 traffic is really bad during ski season and the summer. With a condo you can drive up on Friday night and back on Monday morning and you can avoid the rush (common for 2-3 hour drives each way).

Single Scene - Denver has great nightlife and restaurants given the size of the city, however, the singles scene sucks (at least for men). The problem is that there are tons of single guys willing to give up everything to move out here for the mountains (like me and about 20 of my friends), it just seems as though not as many single women do the same. Coming from Tampa, FL this was the biggest shock.
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I agree with the negative comment on traffic... if you have to drive during rush hour on I-70 or I-25, fagheddaboutit. I'm not sure who designed these highways, but 3 lanes in each direction for a city of 2 million people? Uh... OK.

As for the singles scene- I completely disagree. I've lived here for 3-1/2 yrs- in Golden, Boulder, and now Erie- and before I met my girlfriend of 2+ years, I had NO problem meeting other girls. Hell, everyone here likes the same stuff- skiing, hiking, biking, being outdoors- and its not hard to meet anyone.

Denver and the surrounding area as a whole is awesome- I moved here from NC and I'm never going back to the east coast. Sure its an hour or two to skiing, but its really not that bad if you're willing to drive at the off-times. Feel free to PM me if you have any other questions.
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