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So here is the deal: I currently have 2 pairs of skis on e-bay, a slightly used, excellent condition '07 163cm AC3 and a new pair of '05 Fischer 160cm RX-6s.

The reason that I am mentioning here is that there are 3 days left on both auctions and there are no bids on the RX6's (min bid $175) and only one bid on the AC3's ($575). Although it may seem forward to list them on ebay and then mention it here, I am doing so for two reasons.

1. I am a strong believer in Epic Ski Supprt. Therefore, if an Epic Ski Supporter wins the auction, I will pay the $25 shipping charges. If the Epic Ski Supporter wants to pick up the skis in person, I will give them $25 when they pick up the skis. Of course, they are free to pay a portion of this gift back to Epic Ski.

2. I would like to sell these skis and I would like to sell these skis this season and I know it is late so I am looking for as much advertising as possible, but I feel guilty mentioning it here without providing some reward.

The links are:



I think that the prices are fair and the conditions are conservatively described.

More skis will be posted this weekend.