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Powder Mtn question

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Powder mt is listing the Paradise lift as closed...

am I reading the map right that eliminates about 30- 40 % of the terrain?

heading to SLC tomorrow
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Yes and and with the backside and snowcat skiing also closed you have eliminated most of the best terrain also.
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anybody have an idea why they closed it....
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Yo Mike! It's spring! three weeks from closing. Pow Mow is lower and we've had a historically bad snow year. Everyone here has seen "An inconvienient Truth" and is taking it seriosly. (Well, in Karl Rove's home state, not everyone, but those who's passion or livelihood involve skiing have given it some thought.) I'm sure next year will be better, but for now, your best bet is Snowbasin, because they'll work hard to preserve what they have and it's close. Next, Deer Valley, because they groom the crap out of everything so you have a very compressed and solid base nicely manicured- it always melts last. And I know it's a long drive, but Altabird rocks far into the spring season. Two of my best pow days ever were Alta, April 19th, 1990, and Snowbird May 15th, 1993. I skiied PCMR yesterday and am going up today to ski with the grommets. It's boilerplate early, but corns up nicely with the sun. Temps are a bit colder so stuff is freezing overnight and making for good spring conditions. Give a holler when you touch down.
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