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What's a Universal Plate?

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I see Universal Plate used in reference to flat skis. It's usually followed by a reference to the fact that you can mount any binding but does does the plate provide some function that helps you attach the binding? Is it pre-drilled or aligned? Is it also a riser plate? I recall a lot of hype about risers 10 years ago but I never hear them mentioned now that we have "integrated bindings". What's the difference in a ski with a Universal Plate and a Flat ski?
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Universal plates are not predrilled and are made to accept any binding.

The Universal Plate can improve performance by adding lift under the binding. They also tend to stiffen & dampen the ski by distributing the load of the skier over a larger surface.

Typically these plates aid high speed carving and stability but require addition turn-in effort from the skier at lower speed.

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The universal plate may not be a riser plate too. It is capable (with drilling through it of course) to mount any brand of binding onto it. A riser plate gives the binding mount some lift above the actual ski would if it was mounted flat. Some riser plates are also designed to mount any binding on it. Others are predrilled for a brand specific binding that has to match the holes. If the binding is a system then many times it has some integreted mounting plate or rail that moves as the ski flexes. Some still call a riser plate with the predrilled holes and little or no flex to them a system plate.
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[sidebar] Universal plate and flat ski not always good in context or otherwise associated. For example; a ski sold flat that is intended for float and powder use benefits from your boot as near earth or “on the deck” made possible with a traditional flush toe/heal mounting. The resulting "feel" and subtlety is preferred vs. what increased lift & weight (and for a lack of a better word, clutter) which universal plates, risers, shocks/pads, rail flex or integrated set-ups introduce.
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