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I was at a demo day this year and talked to the Dynastar rep about my problem.  He thought my boots might not have been positioned correctly (too far forward or back) in the binding track negatively affecting my ability to press the ski into reverse camber.  He suggested this process:
*put the skis base to base to see where the tip and tail touch
*halfway between these points is the midpoint
*you want the ball of your foot to be within 1 cm of this point.

I made this adjustment and the ski did ski a lot better.

I have been on the Mythic Riders two seasons now and have taken them out in a lot of different conditions.  They really are a good all-mountain ski, able to do groomers, powder, moguls, and bust through crud.  Beefy ski. Great for Sierra's or Cascades

PS  the new Dynastar Sultans I tried on the demo day are pretty good too!  More sidecut / turnier than the MR's.