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thinking mantras first fat ?

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more and more interested in a fat ski set up with at bindings with very limited time spent out of bounds,some info:6'-200#,51yrs,25-30 d/yr over half spent west,b5 metrons last 3yrs,can and like to ski everything (alot of the times not pretty)and from what i can read thought these would make a good transition ski,looking at gotomas also any suggestions would be appriciated.
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Why would you set them up with AT bindings if you don't ski out of bounds?
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He didn't say no time spent OB...Just very limited time.

Need a little more info. Do you plan on lift-served access, or real touring?
If you will be primarily doing lift-served, I'd recommend the new Marker Duke binding. The Mantra would be adequate, but you may want to go the extra and just get the Gotama as it's a superior off-piste ski and still does 90% of what the Mantra will do on groomers.
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The duke binding is the best option IF you want to have the ability to tour AND you plan on doing mostly lift accessed skiing. If you are just going to ski off the lifts you will have better performance and save money by buying an alpine binding (Duke binding, $439.00. A Look P12, $169.00). Look at the price of skins also (no point owning AT bindings without skins,$120-$150) are you going to tour? Really? Sounds like you should get an alpine binding.
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Duke v Freeride? How good is the Duke?
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the intention was to keep the b5's for everything except dump days and a new set up for ob which i really want to go at but wanted a fat that could be used inside,since i'm used to turning and like trees figured mantras but don't know enough about the difference once outside and yes the intent is to tour.thanks for the input to date.
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How good is the Duke v. Freeride?

The Duke is like a Volkl Mantra the Freeride is like a Volkl Snowranger.
There ought to be some good deals on Fritschi's this spring because ANYONE who has skied a Duke is waiting for the Dukes to become available. It is going to be Dynafit for the 'light is right' set and Duke's for anyone who wants strength. The Duke is leaps and bounds better than Fritschi or Naxo.
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Thanks Whiteroom, do you know the weight difference?
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