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Cut me??

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What do people think about cutting boots?

I'm interested in getting a bit more forward flex out of my Atomic M11 boots. They're pretty stiff in all directions. I don't want to give up any lateral stiffness. But I'm thinking I want just a tiny bit more front flex - just a tiny bit more forgiveness. I really try hard to work the tongue of my boot when i ski and my prior boots have all been a bit softer than these. I can manage in these, but they just don't seem quite perfect.

I have about 20 days in these new boots and for the most part am quite happy with them. I've just got the urge to tinker...

Any thoughts? Advice?

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Interesting (and brave) idea. My boots have a stiffness adjustment - I set them all the way soft as an exaggerated expriment, and I liked them so much that I left them that way.

As to cutting, no actual experience. You probably already know this, but just in case: As a general principle, it is a good idea to end cuts in load-bearing material with a drilled hole to keep a crack from starting at the end of the cut.

Where were you thinking of cutting?
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Some boots used to come with tabs that are designed to be cut out for just the purpose you are describing, but I would strongly suggest consulting a professional boot fitter before cutting on them. Most of the current high end boots have flex adjustments. Obviously the results are irreversible if you cut them. I agree that if you do any cuts you need to drill a hole at the end to round it off and minimize the chance of the cut extending itself through constant flexing of the boots.
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Go to a bootfitter. Nothing wrong with cutting, provided it's the right approach!
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It's a fairly common procedure ... but (like getting tonsils taken out), I'd rather have it done by someone who knows what he's doing.
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Have you tried a BOOSTER strap yet?
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That's a Tri-Tech boot, right? If so it's not really suited to cutting.

If the M11 is like the Tri-Tech Race models there should be a hard rubber washer/grommet thingy in the back of the cuff (remove the fwd lean/flex adjustment cover). The Race came with two different durometer washers, red & black ... I'm assuming those did too.

To soften it even more you could take out the grommet completely.
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Thanks! Yes, I was definitely going to go to a boot expert to do the actual cutting. I wasn't going to try it myself.

Thanks for the other advice, I'll look into the washer/grommet things as well!
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try the power strap around the liner only (under the shell) will make it a bit softer.
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I second the booster strap suggestion first.
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Try the two-strap elastic Booster Strap in place of the current power strap around your ankle. Be sure the Booster Strap is only on the liner, not the shell, in the front of the boot. You can loosen the cuff buckles and control flex with the tightness of the Booster Strap.

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