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Mojo 90 review

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Mojo 90, 176 with Mojo15 bindings mounted -1 cm from center. Factory tune at 1/1, warm weather wax

Me: 6', 178 level 8

Where tested: Steamboat 3/20-22- spring conditions, one day of east coast hard pack and one AM of 3" of powder.

Overall impression: Don't know why this ski is not more popular. fantastic all-mountain performance. Quick, nimble, forgiving, good energy, all around fun ski.

Day 1 was crusty in the AM, on groomed runs the ski was much better than I anticipated. This ski is not as soft as most powder/park skis and it really held well. Very smooth, not overly damp and quick edge to edge, you can put up on edge easily. On the crud in the trees and side of the runs, the Mojo also performed well, the snow was quite hard and very cutup. Here's where a softer ski would have probably given a smoother ride but with 89 underfoot, I was not thrown around and there was no edge grab. Once the snow softened the Mojo really shined, It became a fantastic carver and super fun in the soft crud and pushed. It was very nimble in the trees and tuned on a dime, If you needed to turn abruptly, it was easy to turn them sideways and wash the tails, but it came around very quickly. They really felt light underfoot. In the afternoon it turned slushy but I did not notice any issues with 4-8" of loose wet snow. I can only assume that deeper, wet snow may be an issue only because of the softer tip (as compared to a IM88 for instance). On day 3, we had 3" of powder and although this isn't much, the mojo floated on this well and I had a blast with the fresh snow on top of now softer left overs. Excellent performance once again in all off-piste areas. Moguls, in piled stuff, 1-2', the mojo was great, lots of fun and with good "pop" it was easy to pop off the tops and make turns in the air. Moguls 2-3', it performed well also, I am not a strong mogul skier, hence the level 8, so I don't want to make statements that may very well be pilot error.

We had one day of true east coast hard pack and I was very impressed with the performance of the mojo. on black runs i the steepest parts you had to make sure you had good pressure on the tips or they would chatter a bit coming across the fall line but other than that, they held an edge just fine. I wonder how they would be with a 2;1 tune? Speed wise, I had them up to around 35-40 and I did not notice any stability issues.

Overall, give these a try and I think they will surprise you. Just a very fun, very versitile ski.
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Congrats. Those Supershapes will be seeing less and less time on the snow.
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Nice review Ron. I can read the smile on your face, Yeah Baby!

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Moguls 2-3', it performed well also, I am not a strong mogul skier, hence the level 8, so I don't want to make statements that may very well be pilot error.
Well is an understatement. In big Rocky Mountain moguls they're a blast. They are capable of being turned effortlessly in moguls numerous fun ways and if you screw up you can easily slide them around to check your speed and get your balance back. Their big tips plow over the piles of soft stuff that gathers in the trenches making you want to seek them out instead of avoiding them.
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Great review, thanks so much for the info! I've really been wanting to try out a pair of these, but haven't gotten around to it yet. They sound like a really fun ski for the type of skiing/snow i see most of the time.
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Sounds like you're a happy guy.


Didn't need 'em to be any longer, didja?
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Nope Bob, the 176 is just fine, Thanks to you and Phil in guiding me towards the 176's and Thanks to Rio for his input earlier as well. Yes, Fat skis ROCK!

Rio, I truly agree with you and did find myself seeking out more adventurous terrain. They were such a blast in the trees and variable terrain. Incredibly maneuverable.I just don't ski deep trenched moguls well so I didn't feel my opinon in those conditions would be valid. On the couple of deep moguls runs, I did ski those better than before with either the Supershapes or the head 82's and you are right, you could just scrub off speed or rebalance yourself easily, I got down OK, but it was ugly! I know in the hands (or feet) of a skilled pilot, these would do very well.

I forgot to add (to make Phil happy) that the Mojo could easily become my one-ski for Steamboat, and yes, they will be my first choice out the door each AM.
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I just don't ski deep trenched moguls well so I didn't feel my opinon in those conditions would be valid.
The secret of skiing the big Rocky Mountain moguls is to stay out of the trenches. Personally, my favorite strategy is to scarve my turn on the side of the mogul a foot or so above the trench. In order to do that you need a ski that is torsionally stiff yet can be rolled off edge in varying degrees easily. The Mojos are ideal.
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I've been on 176 Mojo 90's here in the East all season. I've tuned them to 2 & 1 and love them that way. My cross carvers only come out on really solid days anymore. They have become my go to boards on most days.
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Taylormatt, that was my hunch (see post), I will get them tuned to 2:1. Thanks for the info.
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