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Just need to pop into the Blossom shop in Chiavenna, simple as that. Or know someone nearby.

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Blossom makes skis with heart & soul.

Especially the raceskis leaves no-one dissapointed.

Luciano Panatti is an Italian living legend and the finish of the skis are super-super excellent.

My daughter has raced on the skis for the last 2 seasons and now she even refuses to try other skis.

The skis are smooth & grippy.

Blossom is not there yet in the freeride segment but the "Glide Slope" with 90mm waist is a super allround onpist ski.

Glide Slope is stable as an Völkl Mantra but much much lighter.

If you can get hold on a pair of Overlimit GS, don¨t let them go!

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Hi from Spain,


Blossom is quite known in Europe. Althought is an Italian firm, the factory is in Chech Republic. They make handmade skis with a high quality level, hardness, top materials...for example, the sl fis wc follow me has two layers of 0,8 mm. I have this one and the flere model 2006.


In Spain most of people has piste skis and I promise that there is no faster s.l. ski in the piste like blossom (skis that you can buy in a shop).

they are a beast. You have to accustom to them, cause the behavior and feeling is quite different to any other ski. In hard snow (similar to comp.), the ski grips so much that you can hardly leave the rail, except skidding. In soft snow (prepared), they are much more permissive.



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There is a thread on on Blossom skis as well. 

Remember Spalding skis of the 70s / early 80s? Spalding skis were quite popular until Caber sold the business to Rossi who only interested in the boot making facility and had no use for the ski facility. That led to the end of Spalding. Apparently, there are still some Spalding factory people hand making skis in Italy under the trade name - Blossom.

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Then these are the people now making skis for Perfect Moment? The ex owner Theirry Donard span me a massive story about "Mr Spalding" making his "awesome ski range" hearing now how that runs aside the blossom story it makes sense. It's nearly a stock answer when a new brand or less well known one than the big 6 develop a ski that the rumour starts at Blossom.

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Originally Posted by Scavenger View Post

Remember Spalding skis of the 70s / early 80s?


They were probably the first good pair of skis I got, and may still be in my dad's attic.  Replaced them in 1982 or so with the K2 610 FO.

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Yes, Blossom is being produced in the old Spalding factory. 

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IIRC,  Spaulding used to make the claim their stock consumer market skis were basically the same construction as their racing production skis.   Yes?  No? 

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I have been the North American importer for the last 2 seasons. I can say that they are the real deal skis & are a premium ride to say the least.

You will need to bring your A game; yet will be more than equally rewarded!
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