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Aussie in need of help

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Hey everybody,

Need a bit of help from the American side of the planet. Me and a mate had a bet on who could accumulate the most "funny" snow quotes. Stuff like;

Arc em or park em
Shred till ya dead
Tele till ya jelly

Winner takes a keg of beer and a huge hangover! Cheers, it's appreciated. Paul (Australia)
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Go big or go home.
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skiing's like sex - the deeper you get, the more you like it
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there are no friends on powder days.
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go that way, really fast, if anything gets in your way... turn
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You can't get hurt in the air.
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To turn is to admit defeat.
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Moguls are a sign of too many skiers skiing in the same spot.
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Short skis suck.
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live to ski, ski to live.

Ski to Die. (Tatooed on Bill Johnson)

Tele till you're smelly.

Randonee...French for 'can't tele'.

If it was easy it would be called 'snowboarding'.
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I think it's "short skis suck; long skis truck"

Then there's "faster and faster 'til the thrill of spead overcomes the fear of death", or something like that.

How about ride 'em like you stole 'em?
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Want big air kid? Pull my finger!
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Go big, or land in the parking lot!
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When in doubt, bro it out!
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