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Edge bevels for head sandwich construction skis

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Hi does anyone know the factory bevels for the XRC 1200 WC sandwich and the supershape speed,
Many Thanks
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I'd go with .75/3 you can give them whatever you want it's not like there is a specific factory spec that you must adhere to.
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From the Head Technical Manual:

Which edge angles does Head use in its production?
The most proven angular measurement is a production standard: On the base side the edges are beveled by 1° to 1.5°, laterally they are relief-ground at approximately 1°.
No distinction is made for the various models.

Under Race Tuning it states:

Should racers surface-grind the edge flush with the base or bevel it?
We recommend beveling the edge as the ski would otherwise become extremely aggressive and would be difficult to control in critical situations. Even the Head Worldcup Team skis have edges beveled up to 1°.

Should racers side bevel the edge more than Head’s standard 1°?
In order to make the grip on ice even better, the edge is side beveled up to a max. of 3°. This should, however, only be done by absolute top skiers as the ski will become clearly more aggressive and tend to edge over very
Again, no distinction for different models. There's also a statement that you shouldn't de-tune.
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I run about 1.5 base and 2 side on my im88's....but that's a fat ski, and it's got s916's. That's less base bevel than stock...they had about 2 to 2.5.

I say it depends on your bindings and what kind of snow you're on. Less base bevel (like .5 to 1) if you're on a latteraly flexy pair of 12 din bindings, but 1 to 1.5 if you're on stiffer 12 din's or any race binding. Similar idea based on ice or soft snow. Less for ice, more for soft. Since I'm skiing mostly hardpack, with stiff bindings, I go 1.5.

The difference between side bevels, between 2 and 3 deg, is pretty hard to notice, IMHO. But if you go up to say a 2 deg base, you should go 3 deg side.

Oh, and don't detune...sharp all the way to the end of the sidecut (past the contact points, if need be).
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1 base and 2 or 3 side is usually a safe bet. Go 3 side if you ski tough hardpack or ice on a semi-regular basis. If you're out west in all soft stuff, 2 will be fine and won't wear your edges quite as quickly.
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From a Head tech:

all our skis come from the factory with bevels between 1 and 1.5 degrees on edge and side

FWIW, I tune mine at .5 or 1 degree base and 3 on the side (the .5 base is for hard snow conditions).
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