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Kennel in Summit County?

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Does anyone have recommendations for a kennel in Summit County? I don't even know if it's too late to get a reservation in a week, anyway ...

We are going up to our condo for the week this Saturday; in the middle of our ski trip, we are taking a short hut trip up on Vail Pass. Unfortunately, no dogs allowed. We'll have our dog in Copper with us, and now I'm trying to figure out what to do with her for the night we're not there.
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There is a place listed in Canine Colorado that is either in Breck or Frisco. Don't recall the name, but I will try and find it. Have a great time on your trip- I would love to take a hut trip!
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On the way to Breck are 2 kennels: DnR and The Dog House. I've used both--the Dog House is much pricier.
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Thanks, just got a reservation at DNR.
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If you just need it for a day, I HIGHLY recommend the Dillon Dog Den. They're right off I-70 in Dillon, and the owner is great with the dogs. We've taken our two labs there a few times... the last time we came to pick them up, we looked in the window and the owner was sitting on a bench with our black lab, with his arm around him like they were best friends.
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