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I bought these at the end of 2005 from REI Outlet.

I used them for the 2006 season, but got out less than a dozen times.

They have just been professionally tuned and waxed. I picked up a new pair of Metrons while they were in the shop and, between that and my snowboard, just don't need these skis anymore.

The bindings are installed for a 305mm boot.

The steel top sheets are a little discolored and spotty. I'm not quite sure why.. might be from getting a little salty on the rides home. The base and edges are in great shape. The edges of the topsheet have normal scratches and small gouges.

109/72/99, 20m radius.

I'm asking $100 plus shipping. If anyone is interested in the skis, I will take pics tomorrow evening. Let me know if I should bother.

Here's what they look like: