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First Pair - AMC70 or AC1/2?

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I am 37 yo, 5'6.5", 180lb. Started skiing two years ago, and skied perhaps 10 times overall. I will be considered intermediate (parallel), and I ski greens and blues. I live in Ottawa, and ski mostly around here (Northeast). I would like a pair that would be acceptable for softer areas, but mostly on the groomed-sometimes icy conditions around here.
I have demoed the AMC70, AMC73, and Nordica Speedmachine10.2.
I found the AMC70 most to my liking (158), with the Nordica (160) also being manageable. I had a hard time with the AMC73s - I tried the 164 and had a hard time turning, also, the tail was really chattering hard when I was going straight relatively fast (on the greens). I switched to the 152 (they did not have a 158 to demo), and was turning just fine, but still had the hard chattering when goung straight. I found that I easily and confidently do the blues with the AMC70 - more so than the Nordica. I didn't even want to try the AMC73s on the blues.
I would like to buy my first pair this week (all the closeout sales), but I did not have the opportunity to demo enough pairs. I searched the web and some stores, and found some other skis that may be good for my level. Those were:
Volkl Unlimited AC1 or AC2 from either 2006 or 2007 (It seems like the 2006 AC1 is different from the 2007 AC1)
Volkl Superspeed S2 or S3
Fischer AMC 70

of course there are more.

I would be glad to hear suggestions, if possible comparing to the reference skis I demoed (AMC 70 - so far my favorite). I would like something that will take me to the next level, but it should be easy and manageable enough right not (slow-moderate) to not turn me off.

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Also - What size?

Every store I go to recommends a different size - anywhere between 148 to 163 - I'm confused.

Thanks again
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I'm an intermediate with 3 full seasons (around 35 - 40 trips) under my belt, 5'9", 185-190 lb.

I demo'ed the AMC70s in a 164. I also liked them but my current skis (Atomic C8s) are 170s so they felt a bit short.

In my case, the 164s would have most likely been OK for me.
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If you plan on getting better at the sport, which I assume you do, I'd encourage you to get equipment a little above your ability level. It'll suck if you reach the middle of season next year, and find that your ski is too floppy and short. Like hammer, who is only a little taller and heavier than you, I'd say you should err towards 164 or longer. Size also depends on turning radius--the same person might buy a GS ski in a 185 and a slalom ski in a 165.

It's also really important to get well fitting boots. There's a list of good bootfitters somewhere on this site. Failing that, my main piece of boot advice is to make sure that your boots are small enough. You should be able to fit no more than two fingers behind your heel with the liners taken out of the boot.
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Thanks, Got Boots

I already got boots in the summer - Tecnica Entryx4.
I checked the tables of levels, and I will probably fit the type 5 of the 8 levels, type 6 of the 9 or type 7 of the 10 levels scale (there are a few scales posted in the ski level thread). That is, I ski parallel, I turn parallel, and I do both greed and blues pretty confidently. I do not fall much (2-3 times a day the most). However I do somewhat skid on the turns, though I try to carve. It is the chicken and the egg with me - in order for me to improve I need to ski more, to do that, I need to be able to afford it - so doing a season pass is the cheap way to go, however, if it still costs me the rental every time I go, I won't go much, so in order for me to go more and improve, I want to get the equipment. If I buy something over my head - I may be turned off, if I buy something easy to use, I will go more, improve faster, and the equipment will be obsolete - and so the cycle goes.

That's why I really am looking for that sweet spot that won't turn me off, and carry me over to the advanced level. Any suggestions as to what skis to get will be gladly accepted. I was leaning towards the AMC70, but also saw the AC1 of 2006 for a lower price and they seem to be about the same shape (70 waist, all mountain), but I am afraid they might be too beginnery (although the websites call them intermediate-advanced), and I really did not feel very good about the AMC73, which put me off a little regarding going over the 70 waist, but that might be just this particular ski. I saw the Nordica Hot Rod Eliminator for a reasonable price on ebay, but it is a 74 waist, and I don't know about that. I also got recommendations for the Apache-X, which is a 75. The store that recommended me the AC1 also mentioned the AC2, the S2 and S3, but these are all more expensive. (AMC - $469, AC1 - $399, S2 - $499, AC2 and S3 - $689, Apache-X $539, AMC73 - $569, SpeedMachine 10.2 - $469) All Canadian $. What would you opt for?
Also, did anyone try to get skis shipped from Us into Canada? does that involve any major fee/tax/customs?

Wow, that was long
Thanks again,
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724 Esx?

Bumped into a new pair of Volkl 724 EXS (2005 model) for a good price. How is it compared to the AC1, AC2 and the AMC70?

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No opinion on the other skis, but I have a pair of 158 AMC 70s (05/06 model) with maybe five days on them. They have a few minor scratches in the base, but when I brought them in to be filled, the shop told me not to bother. Not sure where you are, but they'd be yours for $200, plus $50 if they have to be shipped.
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Bought AMC 70 in 170cm few weeks ago and used them in various conditions last week in Austria. The skis are much better than expected, and I’m more than happy with them. I’m level 7 (perhaps 8) recreational skier with more than 500 days on skis. Compared with my previous skis (Atomic SL:9, Fischer RC4 Race SC, Head Monster i.M72 and Elan Speedwave 12 and 14), this ski is very similar to Monster i.M72. Very light ski, but solid performance without chattering at high speed.
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