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**new Skis..again**

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: Hello to all "barking BEARS"

Looking for a new pair of skis and as many here would like to hear from you to help me and others with their choices

  • intermediate/advance level
  • skiing in the EAST mostly, except once a year trip to the Rockies
  • like to carve, short radius mostly, but like to mix it up with longer R's and bumps , medium speed
  • 6' , 210lb
  • prefer softer snow, some powder, I do find my skill limits on a very hard/icy steep slope and in the moguls
  • skiing mostly on ATOMIC METRON 9 puls, 171
I want a new pair of skis....suitable for the above and more !!!!!

I want to try something else..good short R carving ski, lighter than those heavy Metrons, but not just a ski which is good only on the groomers!!!

Here are some nice "sticks", I consider...
  • good choice???
  • too much of a ski????
  • or not good at all???
Please, take a look >>>>>

Salomon X tornado in 162 or 170
http://www.salomonski.com/caus/produ...oduct= 786863

Atomic SL12pb in 165

or maybe not as stiff>>

Atomic SL9 in 170


Fisher RX8 in 165
so much talk about these in the forum here???!!!

Thanks to you all for your opinions
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I demoed, and liked the RX8 and the SL9-but I ended up with (and love more each day) the Head Supershape Magnum (170cm). The Supershape seemed less "twitchy" and more relaxed than the other two, but will still hyper-carve many different turn shapes, has unreal edge hold, and is even good in modest powder. I am a level 8 skier-5'11" and 225 lbs (like you, I ski mostly in the East).
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