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Snowbasin conditions?

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Heading to SLC on Friday 3/23 for skiing Fri, Sat, Sun. Will be hitting Brighton and Snowbird. Would like to ski Snowbasin since I really like that place, but wonder if the conditions will be too poor. Anyone ski there on Wed? (or Thurs if you're reading this late Thurs). Keep in mind I am coming from Ohio, so the bar is not too high for me as to what constitutes decent skiing conditions. However since these three days will be the only days I get to ski this season I want to make them count!
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Today Snowbasin, best corn skiing I've had in years! Good solid freeze last night... started out sunny, then foggy, then sunny again. Great snow all day.
Coverage is getting thin in spots, especially at the bottom near boundaries. Some bushwhacking required.
Should freeze again tonight!
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