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Ski length

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What length ski do you "Like".
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I'm currently on ones that are about my height, although I can't say that for my skiboards!

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You need a 'Both' answer. Many of us have multiple pairs of skis in varying lengths.
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An exclusive reply is not needed. Click 'em both! (At least that is how I tried to set it up, now I can't even go back to see)

Have Fun>

Just don't muck with the accuracy, topic, or try to hijack!

Or Else.

PCP will come to visit


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I have to agree with rio on this one. I am not going to vote in this poll. Being a racer, I almost always ski on race skis. My slaloms are 160 cm and my gs skis are 180 cm. I enjoy both lengths. They both have advantages and disadvantages. My gs's are a bit taller than me and my slalom's are much smaller than me.

btw: I'm still waiting for atomic to send me my new slaloms that were under warrenty. I better get them before i go to t-line later this summer.
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If someone is of two minds, Then two answers are fine. I am sure WTFH is more than two. At least he has been accused of as much!. Too bad he seems to have only one pair of real skis

The question is "like" Not own. If you like both short and long skis, say so. I do! 9.12, you have said, in words, you enjoy both. No camp needs to "win" this poll.

If these polls are nothing else, they are a way to prevent anyone from feeling they are unique in their inferiority. (poke ,goad)


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ok, i will vote and check both. [img]smile.gif[/img]
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It's still too bad that "head height" was not in the poll, because I think it would far and away be the winner among recreational skiers.
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Heck oboe!

Do you pick your skis to the exact centimeter?
I recalled my height, multiplied by 25.4 and compared it to the skis I use. My Powder skis came out on the money, and my others we a bit longer and longer still. I selected Longer than I am tall. I like the skis I have.

The question is which do you LIKE . If your ski is just as long as you are tall but you think you may like to try a longer one. Select " Longer than l"
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It is interesting that the ratio of short to long is that of 3 to 2. About half and half. Hummmm.
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Even Closer to half and half!

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I can assure you I am only one person. I may be twice as much fun as the average poster, I may post twice as much as most, but I am unique. I am one. And I only made one selection, not two, like I should have done, I use and enjoy both my long and short skis.

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By so doing,

You have denied yourself a most exquisite expression of your true selves.

I for one, shall consider the data just a bit in error in recognition of your two minds.

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Two minds?

Nope, only one. And only one body. Ask any of the bears who have met me:

Dirt Harry (where is he now?)
Cheeky Carver
(this is in the order they met me)

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Will any of the people mentioned in the above list stand forward and vouch for these gentleman, collectively known as Wear The Fox Hat? (Careful, there may be four of them!!!?)

We have all heard, by their own words, that they have fun enough for two, and it is obvious that two of them can drink for many more.

How many is they? Are they having more fun than we are????

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Gone from 200 to 188 to 174. Can't wait to get out on my new 174s and see what difference it makes.
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I saw where you went to Gilboa's camp before. Is that where you're going this year? I'll be out there 7/5 to 7/20.
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Length is almost meaningless these days, except in relation to the model of ski.

I have 2 pairs of current skis, both are 160cm.

One pair are made for big heavy men, go like the clappers with me hanging grimly on, and on the wrong day scare the hell out of me (and on the right day awe-inspiring).

The other pair are as slow as a wet week, soft as hell and great for passing exams on!
same length though.
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Completly meaningless!

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I was originally signed up for session 3, which begins July 23rd. Unfortuatly I can no longer go. My parents and I have been fighting about this trip for awhile now. They refuse to pay for most of it, and I don't have the money that I was supposed to pay them back with. I guess I'm at that point in my life where my parents are making me much more independent (17 years old). They're not paying for as much anymore, which I can understand to a point.

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