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Lange sizing: Comp 120 and WC 100

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Im ordering a pair of Lange comp 120 over the internet at a great price, but I have not had a chance to try them on. My local ski shop has a few Lange, but not the comp 120. The closest they have is the World Cup 100 (its a black boot). I fit perfectly in a size 42.5. They said sizing is the same for all Lange boots, so I could get the comp 120 in the same size and it would fit. I know you guys are all experts, so I was wondering about that. Are the WC 100 and the Comp 120 the same sizing? I heard the comp 120 might be a little wider. Any thoughts?
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By the World Cup 100 I asssume you mean the World Cup 100 Team as in the Junior boot. That would be the only one in Canada but I'm not sure if a different model is shipped to the states. They are both the medium fit boot. The Team boot (might) have a slightly wider forefoot and it also has a lower cuff. A 42.5 should be a 42.5 BUT BEWARE in the US sizing the team boot is done in woman's sizing which is one size larger number for the same shell size. Just compare the sole length to be sure.
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Do you mean the 100 Comp? They sell a 100 Comp that is black and has the new shell design; basically a softer version of the 120 Comp (and different liner).

As noted above, both are designated MF.

I just bought a pair of size 12.5 120 Comps in Park City over Xmas. They replaced my 4-year old L10's in size 13. With just 3 days of skiing, I noticed the following:

1. The 120 Comps have more flex than the old L10's. I was looking for a little more flex but wanted essentially the same performance / feedback of the L10's. For the last season, I've debated re: keeping my current boots, getting last year's Banshee Pro or trying the 120 Comps. I think the 120's are a good solution.

2. I also tried on a pair of 100 Comps at the shop; they were too soft for me. (For reference, I'm 6'2 195 lbs and a level 9 skier.)

3. The 120's last is noticeably wider than the low-volume L10's and I still have some fitting issues that should be workable. (My L10's were a tad narrow.) I'll be making good use of Surefoot's fit guaranty on my next visit.

While I certainly paid a premium for buying at SureFoot (or another resort-based shop) in December, it was the only means for me to find a good selection of high-end, size 12-13 boots to try on. Ironically, I bought the exact size / model that I expected based on research!

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