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Restaurants Near Whistler

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Am going to Whistler on April 2nd. Being there many times and never had to leave the property to find food. This will be the first time renting a car and drive there, cause I want to visit a few friends in Vancouver. Am interested to know what restaurants I can do around the area such as Pimbalton etc. since I have a car, I can be more flexible.

PS: Do I need to rent a SUV/AWD? I had never saw the bus/shuttle put on chains like I go up Tahoe. Also, what is the parking cost at the village?
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Pimbalton??? Try McDiddly's across from Costcow.

Just kidding. I assume you mean Pemberton, but I couldn't resist being a smart ass.

I can't help you as far as restaurant recommendations because I've never stopped there to eat, but as far as needing an SUV... you don't. If you run into precipitation is will the rainy variety. Watch out for rocks that get washed down onto the road. I almost totalled my car once on that road when a three foot wide rock crashed down just in front of my car during one of the regular heavy rains they get in that part of the world.
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You could drive a rear wheel drive pickup with no load and be fine. It costs about $15 a day to park in the places I've had to leave my car.

One fun place to eat is the Howe Sound Brew Pub ( in Squamish. Coming from Vancouver take a left at the light by 7-11 and McDonald's and follow that street quite a way, almost to the water. The pub and brewery will be on your right.

At the brewery you can get good pub food, fine micro-brew beer (not easy to find in those parts) and a very cool view of "Squamish Chief" (I think that's the name of it) which is the huge mountain of rock you passed on the way into town. If you're lucky you'll be able to make out climbers on the rock.
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I'm assuming you've already finished with the 120 or so places to eat in the area, most of which are right in Whistler village, so if you want to try others; in Pemberton, I can suggest the Wildwood or the Pony Espresso. On your way up in Squamish, the Brew Pub is great, so is Pepe & Gringo's (behind the Extra Foods on your right as you're heading north).

As for road conditions, it rarely ever accumulates with snow on the highway after mid-March. Even though it's snowing right now outside my office in Whistler village, it isn't piling up on the highway. Renting any car you like will get you here just fine.
Parking is free on the main skier lots, or about $10 per day at your hotel underground area.
P.S. Bring some sunshine with you ;-)
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You will find a million really great places for food in Vancouver (where your friends are), but you're looking to drive to Pemberton to eat? :
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parking is going to run you about $12-$15/day. Check with the property that you are staying at for details. There are lots of great restaraunts in Vancouver. I personally don't see the need to leave the village as the choices a very good.
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My favorite of the higher-end places in Whistler (Creekside) is the Rim Rock Cafe. You need reservations there, so call ahead.
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