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Volkl ski choice?

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I am a relatively new skier, currently skiing reds comfortably and managing easier blacks, eg at Chamonix. I have my own boots (Atomic B100) and now want to buy my own skis to help me progress (2 or 3 weeks each season), ie being better at moguls and learning some basic off piste technique

I have two choices of Volkl skis in my size at half price in end of season sale at my local dealers: Unlimited AC2 or Supersport A5 .

As always i want something that won't hold me back too soon or be too demanding for me to progress.

Skis I have hired recently are Rossignal Z5, Head XCR 800 and Head Monster 77. Of these I liked the XCR 800s best.

Thanks for any advice
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Both of the skis you listed are good choices. The S5 will probably keep you happier longer. The AC2 is a fine ski but you will soon outski it if you make progress quickly.

The S5 will have great edge hold, quick turns, a nice little pop coming out of the turn, and a bit of forgiveness when you're on your way to the next level of skiing. The only area that this ski may not be great is deep powder or moguls. Moguls will be Okay on them but not great.
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