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Belated TR: Snowwater, Jan-2007

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"Yes teacher, my homework was all done but then Alf, my dog, ate it and I didn't get it in on time. I hope you like this apple!"

Yeah, I know. It's a late TR but better late than never. After being weathered out at Revelstoke all three days last week, I thought I should at least offer up something to show for this winter. A group of us went to Snowwater in January and got some great days in. What was really nice was that we were the first group to heli-ski the Valhallas. We went north of where the cat operation runs and were quite a ways in so didn't put up any interference with anyone, cat-skiing or b/c. It was Snowwater's first time on any of these slopes so we were in for a little exploring. Not much to say that the pictures don't say better. It was a great trip and some pretty awesome terrain. Let the pictures begin....

Yo! Taxi!

I wonder what the people below those clouds are doing today?

Oh, so that's where we're going....

hmmmmm.....this doesn't suck!

JR getting hudge!

RG doing his famous turtle impression.

Ahhhh....happy Snowwater girls makes our lives easier.

ST finding something to jump off.

Thanks for leaving some for me!

I love this shot; VO gratituitously vying for a Solly spancership.

And so it ends.....

Another awesome three days at Snowwater.....until next year! [clink]

photo credits to Bob Legasa and Patric Maloney. Nice job boys!
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Originally Posted by GoldMember View Post

^^^ = $$$$$ Thanks for the stoke.
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Some great looking shots in that trip report. Looks even better than during the Highway Star movement analysis.
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Thanks CR

The stuff in the HS-MA thread was last year when Bob's camera was new to him and he was trying to figure it out. The light was also a lot trickier last year. This year on the last day was absolute bluebird and we were in the Valhallas for the first time (which are incredible, by the way). Patric took the two shots above of me and Bob shot that great Salomon base shot, which is my favorite shot of the over 500 pictures I've seen from that trip. Patric's shots that day though were outstanding. He must've shot 100 great pictures. I just grabbed a couple that I really liked and put them up. Too bad we didn't get any shots of the pillow runs we hit, they were awesome.
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