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boot fit shops?

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Hey!!! I am a little gal from the mountains of W.V. I work year round for a shop here at a resort. The thing I specialize in is bootfittig. It has got to be one of my favorite things to do, people work on cars I work on boots.... Here in lies the question. I am limited with taking my skiing to another level sticking around here so I am looking to relocate, but would like to find a shop that specifically specializes in bootfitting. My store has a very strong rep. for the south east and I have my two years of cert. with the Master Fit program. If anyone knows of any shops around, please give me a shout out!
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Welcome to EpicSki!

You might try The Boot Doctor in Telluride and Taos. I don't know if he has finished hiring yet or not. Bob Gleason the owner is usually in the Telluride store. 970 728-8954
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Basin Ski shop at Killington. www.basinski.com

Ask for Rick.
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Paul Richelson's Feet First, in Plymouth, NH, is one of the top guys in the northeast. He's not a traditional shop, but rather a professional boot-fitting operation. Close to Waterville Vally, Loon, Tenney, Cannon.
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You should take a look at the

EpicSki List of Bootfitting Masters (click here)

It's a compilation of the best bootfitting shops in the country and is always available from a permanent link at the top of the Gear Forum.
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I think it's getting kind of late for shops to be hiring for the upcoming season. The surefoot shops here in Park City just finished hiring this week as have most of the other surefoot shops since we have our yearly training in Aspen next week.
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Give a try to Greg Hoffman's *Green Mtn Orthotics Lab* @Stratton (So.VT).
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