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Pimp my ride...

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What consideration do I need to give before going ahead and pimping my Alpine skis: puttin' on some G3 Tele bindings? Are alpine that much different from tele skis? I bought the Atomic Kongur and caught the Tele-bug, so I reckon I'll convert my '05 ss/dp stocklis to tele and keep my stormrider xl's alpine(for now). I mostly ski inbounds resorts(Alta and Mad River Glen). Thanks
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Most (not all) people like a softer tele ski. This is due to the way you weight your skis in tele turns. A stiff alpine may be a bit unweildy.
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Wow..141 views and only skierhj has weighed in with his $.02...must not be that many pinheads/free heelers on epic.....
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Conditions east coast US are somewhat similar to here in Oz (i.e. more ice, crud and hardpack than boot deep powder). I would consider using the Stormrider XLs instead of the SS/DPs. They are lighter and being narrower at the waist will be more easily manageable I own the XL's and think they are a gret ski). If you were going AT rather than free-heel my thoughts might change. BTW, take my uninformed opinion with a pinch of salt as the last time I tele skiied was 20 years ago and I'm just getting into AT skiing.
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