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Ski Video Music request...

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Odd request, cat and chicks..... For Ski MUSIC. I want to be able to put the song "The Distance" by the band "Cake" onto a ski video I am putting together.

You know the song..."Reluctantly crouched at the starting line - engines are pumping and thumping in time - the green light flashes - the flags go up - tires burning rubber - they yearn for the cup...etc etc.....Chorus: HE's Going the DISTANCE...He's going for SPEED.... etc etc"

I have the song via itunes. Has a non convertability feature so cannot go to mp3. I burned mp4 (itunes) to CD and ripped as MP3 via windows MP. Still no dice. My vid editor will not allow it to be used. Must have a copyright tag. Stupid I tunes and their copywright chicanery. A pox on them!

So...any ideas? Anybody got a "clean" MP3 version ripped from an orig CD? Any techies got any nerdy suggestions?
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Not sure what editing software you are using, but try importing the track from the cd as a wav file. I use Final Cut Pro and it won't accept mp3's either. I don't think it's anything on the file itself; just your program doesn't like mp3 files.
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Nope. MP3s are fine. Just I tune downloads. I will try ripping as a WAV. Other ideas?

I am Using Roxio Videowave 7.

FCP won't take MP3s? Surprising.
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What platform are you running (mac/pc)? What software are you using to edit to edit the video?

Burning the song to CD in iTunes completely removes any DRM on the file. You should however try to import it as wav, it is an uncompressed file type and it will avoid losing anymore quality.

iTunes songs aren't the best quality especially if you are making any kind of DVD or distributed media out of this. Your best bet is to either buy the CD and import it as a wav file or download a copy at a higher Bit-Rate through a torrent or other music store.
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Take that CD you made and rip it as a .wav, not an mp3. Most PC vid editors will handle wavs even if the won't deal with mp3s. I like CDex as an audio ripper http://cdexos.sourceforge.net/download.html (free). If you are using a Mac rip it as an aiff file. Should be no problem. As above - what platform and software are you using?

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