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Heading to Bristol

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Going to Bristol for the NASCAR Race and wondered if anyone had some suggestions for food to take. I really hate paying for the over priced food at the track.

Usually I pack chicken salad sandwiches yogurt, and bottled water.
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Wrong forum!

Where's a mod?
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No need to take food... just lots of beer!!!

There are plenty of stores around if you forget something. We took a grill, steaks, hamburgers, hotdogs, etc. and lots of chips, crackers, etc. We camped in a pop-up for 5 days in August a couple years ago.

Have fun! Will be interesting to see how the COT does. Try to get back for the night race if you can, it's CRAZY!
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I suggest fruit. Oranges, strawberries and maybe a banana or two.
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Fresh fruit is always a good thing.
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definitely bring tons of beer!
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