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Pierre Eh! is sold!

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Pierre, heard BMBW was sold to Peak Resorts inc. Welcome to corporate ski america!
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Robin, our paper has reported the sale but hinting it is not final, depending on securing the financing. We were at a party on Wednesday with the Ludwigs, the owners of BM/BW for over twenty years and they confirmed that it is practically sold.

They also said to me that the ski areas are going to be run by the present staff & managers and that no one from Peak Resorts is going to be in residence, just look in once a week or so in the beginning. So, depending on the bottom line at the end of the season there may or may not be any changes.

For what it's worth... ....Ott
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What is bmbw?

big mountain?

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BM/BW is Boston Mills/Brandiwine, two ski areas by the same owner in Ohio between Cleveland and Akron with a claimed 240 ft vertical and 18 lifts including 4 quads, 5 triple and 2 double chairs and thousands of skiers every day and open now from 9:30 am to 11 pm but soon to change to a 8 am to 2 am closing weekdays and all nighters without closing on weekends, or so I'm told. Money, money, money.

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Those Peaks folks have operated over-nighters for quite a few years, I believe. They get a lot of folks who work the afternoon shift and get out at 11 p.m. who want to ski some before going to bed.
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Peak Resorts owns our area Mad River Mountain northwest of Columbus, Ohio.

Peak was first hired as a management company to run Mad River for Nationwide Insurance. Before that the management company they had had more convention type expertise and no ski experience. I think the actual purchase was during the season before last.

There has been constant improvement since Peak came on the scene. Last year they added more beginers area with two rope tows. Also a new trail from the triple chair. Two glade runs were also cleared enough to ski through. The snowmaking has been expanded as well as the water supply and pumps for the guns. The groomming machines have been maintained and are doing a good job on the snow. This season we have a new rental building with boot dryers for the rental boots. Alot more boots, skis, and boards. The rental building exits at the base of the rope tow. They plan for a chair there in the future as well as clearing more terrian for beginners.
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