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Lake tahoe TR: march 9th-16th

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DAY 1:

We traveled from reno to north lake tahoe via the MT. Rose highway. I was soo excited to see the big wall of snow that is usually there, and I was thinking that this year due to that 8ft storm it would be huge. I was wrong. It was the smallest I had ever seen it. Most of the snow had melted at lake level, there was only about 2ft at lake lavel. It was Hot (around 65 every day I was there). I didn't ski this day, just did some shopping etc. enjoyed the sun.

DAY 2:


This mountain never ever dissapoints me. It was spring corn and I was skiing in a long sleeve Tshirt, a light jacket and ski pants. The snow was very soft and the groomers were a dream to carve. Unfortunetly the tree skiing wasn't great, it was too warm and the snow was wet and heavy, not a good combo. I still went into them though and I did enjoy the bumps. Nothing like spring bumps. In the afternoon I hit up Quail Face, it was steep with soft snow, I loved it.

Overall: great spring conditions.



this was the first time I went to this resort. It trully is HUGE. The views are insane. It was spring conditions here as well (mid 60's again) with awsome corn. It's a great resort to take a family to and spend a week at. But I don't see how people can even compare it to squaw. It's just different, it's a must ski though and very enjoyable. I liked it alot. I was advised to NOT ski mott's canyon due to the conditions but I'm an eastcoaster, conditions don't scare me..haha. I was actually dissapointed, it wasn't as steep as I though it was going to be (go ahead flame me), i only did some of the chutes not all, so maybe i missed the steeps but i doubt it. The bumps were awsome. It was spring bumps everywhere, I did not want to leave.. LOVED IT !!!

DAY 4:

I went to san fran, lovely city.

DAY 5 & 6:


I love this resort, It is my favorite resort by far...

Conditions: Spring, Corn everywhere with some bare spots due to sun melting everything (damn it).

I love alpine, there are cornices EVERYWHERE at this resort. I seriously spent all day lauching off of things. The carving was awsome, great bumps, and some cool rocks to jump off of.

I can go on and on about this resort, but I'll just say that alpine is INSANE.. it has everything you want...BOWLS, CORNICES, HEADWALLS, BUMPS, TREES, you name it.. i could spent an entire winter at this moutain alone. I love it every time.

DAY 7:


save the best for last !!

conditions: Spring corn, bumpy as hell, and lots of rocks to jump off of.

Squaw is a resort it's not just a mountain like the rest of the moutains at lake tahoe. I love it.

Alot of the parts where you can HIKE to were closed, but anything that was open was insane. We did a few runs at headwall, bowl, and K-22 but we spent most of the day at GRANITE.

It was simply insane back there. The rocks were awsome and you could lauch off of whatever. Lots of moguls and I loved everybit of it. The conditions were the same as the other resorts. This resort needed powder though it's not the same without powder.


Last day, no skiing and at lake level most if not all of the snow was gone. A trully sad sight and I hope you guys do better next year. I'll be back like always..


Lake tahoe is insane, it's unlike anything you'll ever see and ski. The views alone make this place simply a must ski. It's impossible to compare to lake tahoe. It's trully nature at it's finest. I had an awsome time like I always do when I'm there. And Although I didn't get the powder I was wishing for, it was my first time skiing TRUE spring conditions and I loved it.


1) I'm the first one comming down in this video



http://vids.myspace.com/index.cfm?fu...d=20163 67642

I have another video but it has profinity in it ( my friend is a reject) so I don't want to post it, if interested let me know, it's just a small cliff jump.


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Great writeup, nice photos and cool video. Great TR and love the stoke!
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