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Least damp skis?

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Level: 7+
Height: 5' 10"
Weight: 185

Hey gang. I'm looking at buying some new skis and I've demoed Volkl, Rossi, K2 and Salomon.

I'd like to buy a pair of Volkl AC4, but they are out of my price range and I was wondering what other skis out there have a similar feel of lack of dampness? The Rossis I demoed (Bandit B3) were super-damp. Anything else out there have a Volkl feel to them? I don't like the damp "hug the snow" feeling that those Rossis had.

I ski at Mt. Hood in the PNW on crud and chopped up groomers. Probably 60% off-piste and 40% on-piste.

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I've owned Salomon's in the past and they didn't have that damp/dead feeling I get from my K2's (granted my K2's are older and Salomon's older still, so they may have changed "feel" since). I've recently purchased Nordica Hot Rod Modifieds and they are great (I'd go with wider Top Fuels or Jet Fuels if I lived out west). Fischer AMC76 or 79 might suit well, Dynastar Legend's, or even Head Monster's. From my experience, avoid K2 or Rossi if you don't like that feel. Salomon's without wood cores are super light and quick. Can't find any closeout's on the Volkl's??
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It's hard to find a pair of AC4s for sale, even at full price. No close-outs to be had (at least that I can find).

I demoed a pair of Salomon X-Wing (I can't remember the model number) a few weeks ago and they felt pretty lifeless to me, especially compared to a Volkl. I guess that it's all relative to the individual. I know that Rossis have a reputation for a damp ski, but the Salomon felt kind of damp to me as well.

Any input from other bears about Atomic or Nordica? I haven't demod these brands and here in the PNW almost all of the demo skis have been sold already!

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Atomics have a unique feel that tends to be towards the lively side, especially the ones without metal in them........?
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Hmm, long ago that I tried non race dep Atomics. The race deps are however about the dampest skis you can get.
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You would love a pair of the old Elan M662 flat skis. They are freakishly lively. The newer 666 flat model may be a little more damp, but still very lively for the category.

I found the Salomon X-Wing Tornado to be a really great ski, but a little damp for my liking. The Head iM82 was a bit better, but damn was that ski burly. In tight places (bumps) it felt like a tank and it was only 172cm long. Of course, on a better pilot, they may feel quite different.
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