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Injured right knee... :-(

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Boy! Whassup with your knees in New York?
First Jamesdeluxe now you...
Well, stay calm and prepare for next season. better to have a one year delay than a definitive one.
Best wishes.
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That's too bad Eu

The good news is

Depending on how bad the tear is and if you decide to be agressive and have it repaired or be conservative and let it heal (of course again depending on how bad the tear is) you should be back in 1 or 2 seasons. I know guys skiing with no brace after 1 season. some take 2. Others opt to use the brace. Follow your doctor's orders, get yourself to a therapist and go through that torture and work out a lot. If your HMO does not cover enough therapy, pay for an extra session and get enough info to keep you working on it after the recovery..

Good luck. Keep us informed..
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wow! what a bummer story Eu... sorry to hear about the knee injury. i work with two people who have had similar, if not the same problems, and they both were back up and skiing the following season. one with a brace, and has minimal problems, skis just as often and with the same enthusiasm vigor as always... so don't be too dismayed, you'll bounce back!

not the same issue, but... i separated my shoulder on christmas this year (whatever happened to a lump of coal?), and have had to adjust to skiing and hiking with one arm/pole... fine unless the hill your climbing is boilerplate ice under a fine dusting of fluff! i found that my biggest concern now is that i have developed this strange nagging sensation... fear? i think that's what its called? ...i don't much like it... i find myself worrying that i am going to fall (and hurt, or rehurt, myself), whereas before i never thought twice about... i think the biggest hurdle is getting over this, and not the physical. the body is phenomenal, and mends quickly... the mind, however, can be a rusty vault.

so i guess, the take home message, if there even is one in my rambling, is buck up! [img]smile.gif[/img] you'll be up and at 'em in no time, as far as the mental aspect, i am probably just a freaky basketcase... or so my friends say [img]smile.gif[/img]

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Sorry to here anout it, it does suck, but it wont' end your career as a skiier. It is probably jsut as ACL tear, it can be replaced. There are even several options for source material. Tell your doctor your concerns and he will see that the repair is appropriate for your needs. I had a horse dislocate a knee once, it tore everything. While I was in therapy three generations of ACL repairs went through. With aggressive and daily PT you will be almost revocered in 90 days and skiing inside a year.

Good Luck
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Hey Euclide,
too bad, from what you described (a popping sound, sharp pain, that subsides, and swelling) it sounds like a torn ACL. I tore mine this summer, had surgery in mid August and went skiing for the first time on Feb 9. My knee is better than 100%. I used to have knee pain after everyday of skiing now the ACL knee has no pain and my "good knee (soon to be renamed as the bad knee) still has the pain. I also tore up my meniscus cartildge and had to have that smoothed. Maybe that is what was causing the knee pain.

My first day out I started with very long gradual carving turns, by the end of the day it felt so good that I was skiing straight down the fall line. Yesterday (my 4th day) I was skiing in 2 feet of pow (Pat's Peak in NH still had some untracked), doing hop turns and skiing big bumps with no pain and complete confidence in my new knee.

Most surgeon's give the ok to return to sports 6 months after the surgery, so have it ASAP and you won't miss any of next year. My surgeon had me doing extensive PT before the surgery and it helped immensly. I was done with my post-op PT after 8 weeks, I was initially told it would be 16. Even now I do not wear a brace, my surgeon does not believe in them and claimed there isn't one built that is strong enough to prevent an ACL tear.

This site is pretty good for knee injuries.

Good Luck
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Sorry to hear it Eu. I agree w/others that it is an ACL tear. I did the same, on that same d*** skis about 3 years ago. I had it fixed in March and I was physically able to ski the next year, but didn't have the chance. I try to ski in my brace, as it makes me feel more comfortable. My knee is less sore when I use the brace, so I think it helps. Big surprise was that riding the lift causes me pain from the dangling leg w/the weight of the ski and boot. If I support it, it is okay.

Good luck!

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Injured right knee... :-(

This past weekend NY and pretty much everyone here in the NE was buried under 5 ft of snow. Ideal conditions for skiing…

I went Sunday and tried my new Atomic Beta Carve skis. I got there (Camelback, PA) later in the afternoon for night skiing. It had started to snow pretty heavily and we had already few inches of fresh powder sticking to the slopes. I was on the beginner trail trying out the skis… Poor visibility and some patches of ice covered by fresh snow (a real trap esp. at night)… I lost control while taking a left turn at the base and fell down. I had injured my right knee some 13 years ago (some sprained ligaments) in a car accident (got bumped while crossing the street). This time I heard a tearing sound in the same (right) knee as my right ski did not detach. I thought I broke something because the pain was so sharp and unbearable… They carried me off to the first aid shack. I was 1 ½ away from home with blizzard conditions for the tri-state area to follow. I realized that if I didn’t get going soon I would never get home or at least not for a week or so.

So, as the pain tapered off… I realized from the symptoms that I didn’t have a fracture and only sprain or partial tear of ligaments. I was able to move my knee and I have some ROM left in my right leg. I wrapped my knee really tight along with a pack of ice and with a supernatural effort I got into my car. My brother doesn’t drive stick shift so I had to drive back to NY in dreadful blizzard conditions. It took us 4 hours. I have a pretty powerful car (thank God!!!) with good tires and also the manual transmission really helped plowing through the snow on

My trip to Banff is cancelled… I’m out of commission and walking on crutches. My right knee is in really bad condition and surgery may be required. I’m sure I won’t be able to dodge it this time. I had an MRI done yesterday and I will have a preliminary reading today. I’ll find out what’s wrong although from what I feel it looks pretty grim.

Question… for those with injured knees. What are my chances to be able to ski again? I know I’ll have to wear a brace for years to come each time I play any type of sports.

I’m so upset… For now, I’m a prisoner in my own house since going outside it’s out of the question; walking through mountains of snow on crutches.

I’ll post updates as more become available. I hope for better news…


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Thank you guys… thanks so much for your warm thoughts! I really thought this was the end of all! Called up the Doctor’s Office but no preliminary reading of my MRI as of yet… Tomorrow… they said. I feel better as far as mobility and ROM. The swelling is gradually going down and I can bear more weight on it now.

Lingering around the house, bored out of my mind, that’s more excruciating than anything. I should I have been packing up for Banff… :

By the way, speaking about my new Atomic Beta Carve 9.18 skis (180 cm)… Let me just say that I found my new best friend [img]smile.gif[/img] (at least, I had the pleasure of trying them out few times).

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Sorry to hear about your injury - a real bummer! But cheer up! Skiing still has a future in your life if you're determined enough to work hard at recovery and do it right.

A year ago last December, I had a similar accident my first day out. Went over a bump, landed in crud a bit too far forward, overcorrected and caught my right ski tip before I could get out of the back seat. It tore the middle quad (vastus femoralus) muscle right off my right kneecap.

I started physical therapy as soon as I could possibly and safely do so. Mine happened to be Ashtanga yoga,which I've been doing for a long time anyway, and still do 4-6 times a week. But whatever exercise routine you choose, make sure you do it often and do it regularly!

Regaining my strength around the afflicted area was a no brainer. I soon discovered however, that the really hard part was getting the "tightness" out due to the build up of scar tissue and the need to "rewire" the nerve firing because of some residual damage.

The last item was definitely the hardest! It was strange. Months later, I could be walking down the street. My leg would feel fine, but every once in a while, it would suddenly "buckle" without warning. I would "catch" myself and it was never enough to make me fall, but it was frustrating - particularly since I could never isolate the problem by duplicating the movement that caused it.

My first time out skiing, this season wasn't without some trepidation. I'm a solid level 7 skier (and will probably never be an 8 because I avoid bump fields due to a pair of tired knees from all the running I previously did), but my first run down the bunny hill felt like I had never been on skis before. I soon learned however, that the problem was 90% mental. Once I got over the fear of reinjury (it took a fall or two), I settled down to the business of getting back to the level I was.

Twenty seven skiing days later, I'm 95% there. I can ski everything I previously did, although my footwork isn't quite as fast as it used to be and I've developed a nagging tendency to "brush" out my right ski on crossover when I turn left before the edge sets - ruining an otherwise good carve. Most likely,it's because I still favor the injury a bit.

For me, skiing has been just as important to my recovery as the physical therapy. PT was crucial for regaining strength and gross motor movement. Practising the subtle and quick motor skills needed to ski however, had a lot to do with rewiring those nerve "firings" that were necessary for a complete recovery. My knee isn't stiff and I no longer experience those ocaasional "buckles." BTW, I just turned 55 last month.

So there is hope. Work hard at your physical therapy, maintain a regular exercise program afterward, then go face your demons by resuming skiing next year! Maintaining a positve attitude helps too. Best of luck.
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