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I like to keep a pair of twintips in my quiver to play with. Due to a series of events that will take to long to explain I ended up with three pair this year. Here is my take on them:

About me:
- Age 51
- Level 9 skier
- Height: 5'11" Weight: 180lb
- Ski 40+ days per year
- 28.5 Nordica Beast boots, 325mm sole length

The skis:
- 174 05-06 Rossignol Scratch FS with Look PX12 Ti bindings mounted at the 'Standard' mark which is 0.5 cm behind BOF
- 177 06-07 Nordica Ignitions with Rossi Axial 140 Pro mounted 1cm forward from 'Ride' line which is right on BOF
- 174cm K2 Public Enemy with Rossi Axial 120 Demo Bindings set at +2cm which is 0.5 behind BOF

Snow Conditions Included:
- Hard groomers
- Virgin corderoy
- Hard and soft moguls
- Cut powder, crud, windpack, windcrust, slush
- 4-6" untracked powder
- Ultra-steep terrain with and without moguls

Hard Groomers - The Scratch FSs won this category hands down. They have an incredible grip for a twin and felt the most secure at high speeds. The Ignitions held well and felt secure underfoot but not as solid through the whole ski. The PEs were fun and felt secure underfoot but the flopping tip didn't instill confidence.

Virgin Corderoy - All three were fun but I enjoyed the Ignitions the most. They had the ability to change turn radius with ease during a turn simply by applying a little knee action or turning them on their sides more. The FSs locked into a turn. The PEs were fun but tended to skid out easier if I tried changing the turn radius.

Hard & soft moguls - All three were fun in the moguls. The Ignitions were the most forgiving & felt the lightest. They also were the easiest to carve a tight turn. The PEs were the easiest to push around when the moguls were full of soft powder or slush. The stiffness of the FSs made them the least forgiving of the three and the most likely to get their tails hung up.

Cut powder, crud, windpack, windcrust, slush - All three performed differently in junk snow. The FSs cut through better than the other two which tended to float. The Ignitions were turnier while the PEs were more stable
4-6" untracked powder - The FSs stunk here. They really wanted to dive. I had to sit back. I originally thought they might be mounted forward of BOF but after several measurements found they were slightly back. The Ignitions and PEs both did well with similar results as what I found in crud.

Ultra-steep terrain with or without moguls - I'm talking about the steepest stuff you find at Bridger & Big Sky here. When skiing this terrain I like to get my tips engaged in the turn as quickly as possible once they're pointed downhill. This is where the PE's long tip frustrated me. I thought the FSs and Ignitions started to carve much faster & with less effort if the snow was hard. The Ignitions were real easy to crank out tight turns while the FSs required more skidding of the tails to turn tight. All three skis had a good bite underfoot which helped in the steeps.

Other notes -- All three skis are almost the exact same length when held side to side. The Ignitions had the longest running surface while the PEs the shortest. The Scratch FSs I own are last years model. This year's makes a big deal about a patented light core which I've been told it is the same as last year's & the two years ski the same. The Ignitions have a funky topskin that is fun to amuse yourself with while riding chairs. The downside is the topskin chips & scuffs up easily. I don't mind since I'm keeping them but I assume the beat-up looking top will lower their value at a swap.

Overall I think the Scratch FSs are the best of the three if you're looking for something for the park and on groomed snow. The Ignitions are the best if you're looking for a good 50-50 mix of on and off piste. The PEs are best if you're looking for a pair of twins to play with and to use as your primary off-piste ski.

Personally, I'm keeping the Ignitions for my own use. A friend's kid loves my FSs and is doing yardwork to pay for them. I'm still undecided about if I'm keeping the PEs or selling them.