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No more triplets

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Its a long story, but I was supposed to get free triplets from atomic, but they ran out of their supply. Instead they gave me 08 punk, which is apparently the same thing as the triplets, but they only give you two skis. From a consumer standpoint I can see where buying three skis could be yielded as pointless, but sadly I was looking forward to them. Sad to see them go
RIP Triplets 2006-2007
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Weird how that worked out. Does that mean skis don't get as wrecked from rails as they thought?

I thought it was a pretty neat concept. Guess not.
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I don't think it was the edge reinforcement that wasn't a great idea, but rather the triplet concept. I don't think people plan on their skis falling apart on them, no matter what the reality of hardcore freestyle is. People are generally displeased when they trash their skis (unless they're REALLY old), and they usually make it a point to try to buy a more durable set the next time out.

The whole triplet concept is a catch-22. If the pair stays together, then the consumer feels a little dumb everytime he/she look at the extra ski that he/she paid for. If a ski out of the pair gets trashed and the extra ski is called into use, the consumer is a little gratified that the triplet concept was called into use, but now suspicious of the build quality of the skis along the lines of "so this is why they give ya three skis..." Remember, people RARELY blame themselves when they can blame a corporation.

And... out of the years we had triplets, it was only this season that we had a wide-ish sandwich version, albeit in strange (to North American tastes) Euro-style graphics. It was a little too late.
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