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3/10-3/13 Montana Trip Report

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3/10 Big Sky

Met up with Rio in the morning and skied the entire day and worked our way around the mountain. We started out on Andesite and skied some groomers and trees. We then worked our way up the mountain and skied the south wall.

Attachment 1436

Took a couple tram rides and skied Liberty Bowl and either Lenin or Marx. Made some other runs of challenger chair and called it a day.

Attachment 1434

The trees were sweet in the morning, but most of the mountain was kind of crusty. It softened up nicely as the day progressed. Overall, one of the better days of skiing I had during the week.

3/11 Big Sky

More of the same (minus Rio). Skied basically the same stuff. Similar conditions as the day before. This time I skied the Gullies and Cron's from the tram.

3/12 Bridger Bowl

Signed up for a ridge tour with RicB. Unfortunately, there were record highs that day in the area (I think Bozeman set a record @ 73 F). We weren't able to hike the ridge because there was only one run open that, according to RicB, was pretty technical. Instead we hiked up the fingers. We decided to ski the third finger. Was really nice snow, and a lot of fun.

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Overall it was a pretty cool lesson. RicB showed me around the mountain and we worked on some pivot slips with a flexing move to help get the skiis around easier. The hiking took a lot out of me even though it was quite a short hike. I was really tired, so after a run or two post lunch, I called it a day.
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3/15-3/17 Montana Trip Report

3/15 Big Sky

Very firm. The sun was out all day, but the snow never really softned up. South wall was only one place I could find on the entire mountain that had decent snow. Seems like everybody was skiing the same area. After skiing the wall for hours I decided to take a ride up the tram for some sight seeing. The only thing open was the Big Couloir.

Sphinx Mountain.

Attachment 1437

3/16 Discovery

Rio and I headed over to Discovery. Discovery is a cool little mountain with lots of double diamonds with many tree runs on the back side. The mountain was fairly firm, a thick cloud hung around all day and never let the sun soften up the mountain. The back side had a bit of snow on top of crusty snow. We spent most of the day skiing on the backside which was great. Lots of steeps and trees on the backside made for some very challenging skiing. For me, it was some of the steepest skiing I have ever done.

3/17 Bridger Bowl

I skied with Rio again in the morning. We hiked to the ridge. I'm not quite sure what we skied, but we had fresh turns. That was a lot of fun, and I'm glad I didn't leave Montana without getting to the top of the ridge.

Beginning my hike up the ridge.

Attachment 1438

My trip was a blast. I was suprised at how warm everything was, but the terrain made up for it. I really enjoyed skiing all the steep runs, especailly the ones in the trees at Discovery. I enjoyed skiing with RicB and hiking the fingers. I have to give a "shout out" to Rio. Without him showing me around, I'm sure my skiing experience would not have been awesome. His knowledge of Montana and of all the place we skied were top notch. Thanks Rio! I look forward to skiing in Montana next year.
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I'm not quite sure what we skied, but we had fresh turns.
We skied Bridger Gully in the Northwest Territory.

As for Discovery, it's backside is the most challenging terrain in this area. You have to go searching at Big Sky, Jackson Hole & Bridger for terrain that is as steep as you encounter on almost every run off Limelight Chair at Discovery.
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Where is Discovery? I'd like to check this out next year... If I come out, I'll give you a shout before I go, Rio. It would be cool to catch you next year. Did you get over to Moonlight at all this year? My buddy came back out about 3 weeks later, and I guess the Headwaters finally filled in and were awesome.
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Discovery is on the other side of the Great Divide, a little over 2 hours west of Bozeman outside a town called Anaconda. It is definitely worth at least a day once they get the backside filled.

I never made it to Moonlight. I ended up skiing mainly at Bridger because it got the most snow in February (when all the local resorts got above normal snowfalls.)
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